What Does Studio 54 Have to do with Social Media?

One of the most classic theories taught about human nature is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I first learned about it in my very first class in college. It was an introductory psychology class and it made perfect sense. I never really expected to hear about it again, but over the years, it came up again […]

Social Media Club Talks to Steve Garfield

Social Media Club spoke with video blogger and author Steve Garfield and asked him, what’s his favorite part of using social media tools? [youtube] It’s pretty obvious there’s a lot of fun being had at events like BlogWorld & New Media Expo and we’re looking forward to returning to the Javits Convention Center in […]

Roger Smith Hotel Helps Develop NYC Artists

This guest blog is by John Knowles as part of our themed content hosted the first week of  each month, with December focusing on hotels and resorts. John serves as Director of Digital Marketing of Roger Smith Hotel, New York City.   In a time of economic insecurity and unprecedented social connectivity and interaction, we have a seen the birth and cultivation of the […]

#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Kat Mandelstein

Social Media Master Kat Mandelstein will be joining #BizForum Chat on Wednesday, September 14th, 8pm to 9pm EDT to discuss, Whether or Not Social Business Inevitable?  Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which includes Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September […]

Business Wire Offers College Students Opportunity to Meet Warren Buffet

In a new campaign launched today by Business Wire, to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2011, they are promoting a video contest open to U.S. and Canadian college students only, which asks, What is the future of public relations and communications?   The top five video submissions will be posted to Business Wire’s Facebook page, […]