How Many Slacktivists Does It Take To Raise $14 Million?

I’ve been challenged! I’ve been challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness. This means I have 24 hours to either douse myself with a bucket of ice water or donate $100 to the ALS Association. Watching celebrities and high school friends hop around in discomfort after experiencing the surprise is fun, but how […]

Social Media Club Needs Your Help

To all of you who have been involved with, touched, inspired or helped by Social Media Club  – please read this message because we need your help.   Social Media Club was launched in 2006 with a global mission to advance digital media literacy, promote ethical behavior and build a community of like minded professionals to […]

Social Media Club Newsletter (9/15)

  SOCIAL GOOD AND NONPROFIT EDITORIAL RECAP If you missed it, we introduced an expansion of our editorial team by hosting themed editorial content focusing on social good and nonprofit causes usage of social media.  We hosted blogs from AJ Leon, “Geeking Out on Shakespeare: What Nonprofits Can Learn from The Bard,” which included a […]

Can Social Media Save Our Endangered Species?

Like large corporations, nonprofit organizations were once skeptical about social media.  They were not sure it would be worth the time setting up and maintaining their accounts.  Now that social media has matured, nonprofits are seeing that there are many benefits to jumping on the bandwagon.  They now see that it is a great way […]