The War Over Your Child’s Social Profile

There’s been a lot of talk about revamping the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, originally passed in 1998, to reflect the realities of our social media age.   Many legislators, who voted for the law back when websites were a new thing, want to give COPPA more teeth. This includes updates to ensure social, apps, mobile […]


10 Tips on How to Establish a Guest Blogging Policy

Content is significant to every brand and their marketing strategy — but content creation takes time, effort, planning, and well-equipped writers. Some brands have the staff to write and whip out content continuously, while others seek outside sources. And some prefer both. When hiring guest bloggers to write for your brand, there are a few […]

Protecting privacy: What the Facebook/FTC settlement means for users

I’ve always found it kind of difficult to protect information on Facebook. Ideally, it wouldn’t be this hard. But with an endless assortment of ways to customize a profile, one can only hope your information reaches only your intended audience.  A recent settlement between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission aims to change how user […]

How do you protect your brand when employees leave?

When I started my job at Fresno Pacific University over six years ago Facebook barely existed, Twitter was a dream in Jack Dorsey’s head and Instagram’s million or so users had barely been born! Ok, ok Instagram users aren’t that young but the point is the social graph as we know it now barely existed.  […]

Should you have a social media policy?

  Yes, Your Company Should Have a Social Media Policy. No, It’s Not Just About Protection Any More. The latest figures show that most companies are engaging in some sort of social media activity today.  It’s very likely that nearly 100% of companies have employees using social media. But, how many of these companies have […]

Protecting Users Geolocation Data

Geolocation is certainly a hot topic, with everyone from social network operators to app developers looking to find ways to include location information and hopefully monetize it.  But geolocation information is also controversial, as not everyone wants this information collected, tracked and used for a profit.  You may have seen the outcry that erupted after […]


Facebook Users: Protect Your Account. Change Your Security Settings to 'https'. Now.

  Every day we hear about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. One minute you are happily posting photos from your friends birthday, next thing you know your account is sending ‘buy this iPad’ spammy emails to everyone in your contact list. It has happened to many of us. And it sucks.    Hackers gain access […]