Don’t Underestimate Mobile’s Impact!

Bill Gates once stated that, “People often overestimate what will happen in the next two years and underestimate what will happen in ten.” He’s more right than most people can believe.   The impact of mobile technology is easy to underestimate. We take it for granted. We shouldn’t though.   To help put it in the […]

Global Communication Strategy – it’s mobile social, feature phone world!

Smart phones are great to own, and over the last holiday season, consumers doubled the number of purchases made via a mobile device versus the prior April – interestingly 90% of those were made on an Apple device.   This is good news for the growth of mobile and smartphones, but in a global communications […]


How to Use QR Codes the Right Way

Are QR codes just a fad that marketers care more about than consumers? Or are they an essential tool that gives meaningful benefits to the people who use them? The answer, of course, is in what you do with them. I’ve used them effectively for clients. I’ve also seen outdoor ads on the highway with […]