Need Some Social Media Inspiration? Look to the City & County of San Francisco!

When looking for ideas on how one should run their company’s social media, one doesn’t have to look far. Airbnb’s Instagram feed, IKEA Germany’s Facebook page and Disney’s Vine videos are just a few examples of successful brands connecting with their customers through social. One brand or organization that may get overlooked when it comes […]

San Francisco Giants Players Get Social

This guest blog is by Bryan Srabian as part of our themed content hosted the first week of each month, with November focusing on professional sports organizations. Bryan serves as Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants.  Connect with Bryan on Twitter: @Srabe [email protected] When I tell people that I run social media for the San Francisco Giants, the 1st question I […]

Annual f8 Summit Introduces New Facebook Changes

In the most hilarious event introduction I’ve seen, Andy Samberg – famous SNL cast member who often plays Mark Zuckerberg the NBC comedy skits – opened with a joke about online identity and insisted he was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook *does* have a sense of humor.  In a packed house at the annual Facebook developer conference […]

5th Anniversary Interview with Seth Mazow

Our friend Seth Mazow, who attended our first Social Media Club meeting in San Francisco on August 16, 2006, joined us a few weeks ago to celebrate our 5th anniversary.   In this video interview, Seth shares what have been the most surprising and disappointing impacts of social media. Sorry Seth, no jetpacks or robots. […]

San Francisco chapter celebrates 5th anniversary

Social Media Club San Francisco is five years old this month, and to those of us in relative backwaters it seems to be sitting pretty.  Its namesake city is loaded with cutting-edge digital media agencies and professionals, and the surrounding region is studded with the headquarters of countless high tech and social media trend setters, […]

5th Anniversary Interview with Tom Abate

Our friend Tom Abate was among the attendees at our first ever Social Media Club meeting in San Francisco on August 16, 2006.  Tom joined us in San Francisco last week for our 5th anniversary dinner and was joined by others from the first meeting including, Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells, Seth Mazow, Sally Falkow, Tom […]

5th Anniversary Interview with Founder, Chris Heuer

A few of the folks who attended our first SMC meeting in San Francisco on August 16, 2006 attended a dinner last week to celebrate our 5th anniversary, and also took part in a short video interviews. We will be sharing these over the coming weeks. Social Media Club Founder, Chris Heuer shares his thoughts […]

SMCEDU Needs Grant Writing Help

In order to sustain and advance the SMCEDU program, we need funding! Recently, SMC founder Chris Heuer announced an invitation to apply for the SMCEDU advisory board, an important step in formalizing our effort and bringing together the knowledge and expertise to help fulfill the promise of this project. In addition to the guidance of […]