Why Pinterest Still Matters & How to Reach Your Audience

Gone are the days of just Facebook and Twitter as the main players. Nowadays, there are countless apps popping up, and typically being born from the original pack, or at least being acquired by them. To date we have: Facebook, Twitter (yes, still here), YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat (in no particular order). The visual […]

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How To Build Your Social Media Strategy With Content Marketing In Mind

Content converts. Content that’s unique, useful, and engaging that is. And isn’t that what you want your social media strategy to do? You want it to convert more awareness about and engagement with your brand. You want it to convert more traffic to your website. You want it to convert mere brand follows into trusting […]


SEO Tactics From 2015 That Will Still Rule In 2016

The SEO industry is vulnerable to various factors and with the passage of each month we see something new arriving in this sphere that affects all the methodologies in various ways. If you consider the practices that worked big time in 2012, they are definitely not going to work currently. As we have stepped into […]

Are You Making One of these 5 Blogging Mistakes?

There are millions and millions of blogs living in the blogosphere.  Sadly, only a handful of blogs get regular readership.  The problem is blogs are so easy to start up, but not as easy to build up.  Many bloggers don’t know what they are getting themselves into after they have an account and blog address.   […]


15 Reasons to Make Friends with an SEO Pro

If they met at a party, it would be easy to introduce them: “Social media, meet search engine optimization. SEO, this is social media. You guys have a lot in common.” But in real life, it’s a little tougher getting social media and SEO together. The disciplines have grown up separately, and both sides are […]


Debunk These 6 Myths about SEO to Optimize Your Site or Blog

You know why people still believe the Loch Ness Monster myth? They’re convinced no one’s found Nessie because they don’t know where to look…  Rescue your content from the murky depths of search. Debunk these six myths about SEO and, whether you manage an online store, a corporate website or a personal blog, the people you […]

Introducing Social Media April Book Club: Optimize by Lee Odden

Finally, our Social Media April Book Club let’s us explore the world of search with leading search marketer Lee Odden, author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers By Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. Lee serves as CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, recognized as a leading business blog by Advertising Age and […]


Looking to explore social media in 2012 but don't know where to start?

So you’ve made the resolution that in 2012 you are finally going to “get into” social media and use it to build a brand for yourself or your business. You’re not a geek, and you’re not with a big corporation that already has a social media team or a fairly savvy marketing department. For you, time is […]


Here’s How to Use Social Media for B2B Companies

I hear it all the time, “I’m a B2B company; social media is not for me.” But truth is, there are a lot of ways to use social media to advance your business to business product or service. In fact, B2B is the fastest growing sector for social media – although that could be because […]