Five Productivity Apps for the Back to School Spirit

So the summer is quickly coming to an end and the school year is starting up again…yes, I said it. Don’t hate the messenger. However, with the school year comes nice autumn days full of productivity and kicking butt with new projects, goals, and more.  So in the back to school spirit – for those […]


Finding the ‘Perfect App’ for your Mobile Device

With the number of smartphones, androids, tablets and ipads being sold, it’s difficult to calculate an accurate number of Apps on the market, but you can bet that the number of Apps will increase with every mobile device purchased.    Statistics show The number of mobile devices will exceed the World’s population by 2012.  It […]


Is your Mobile Device a Toy or a Tool? [SURVEY]

Mobile devices seem to be the new trend in 2012.  Having received an iPad 2 and all the accessories from my wonderful family at Christmas, my interest in mobile devices has increased exponentially.  James Bucki, a former Guide defines mobiles devices as “generic term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow people […]

Chicago’s Startup Scene is Bringing Social to a Whole New Level

The funny thing when we talk about social media is that we often don’t take a step back to realize that the majority of our communication (aside from videos, images, etc.) is text on a screen of some sort. Well, that’s not very social now is it? As I’ve mentioned before, we’re almost missing a […]

Microsoft Mango takes social living to a new level

As the presence of social media in our daily lives increases, we begin to depend more and more on our smartphones to keep us connected. That is why the news of a new Microsoft mobile operating system, to be introduced this fall, caught my eye. On May 24, the corporate giant announced the release of […]