SoLoMo is changing your relationship to the world. Gimbal is mutating it.

SoLoMo is shorthand for Social, Local and Mobile. Almost every app you see and use has elements of SoLoMo. They are mobile. They connect us to some aspect of social media. And they relate to your location. How our mobile devices connect us socially to our surroundings has long been the vision of where our world is […]


The Future of Mobile Payments

First people feared giving your credit card number over internet versus giving it to an operator on the phone…now we are using the phone to swipe your credit card via an online app. Funny how things become so easily integrated. According to Pew Research, “Within the next decade, smart-device swiping will have gained mainstream acceptance as […]

Social Fitness Gets Mobile: Rides, runs, and virtual high fives

Mobile fitness applications that put social at their core are shaping the way that we work out. Mobile apps like Runkeeper and iMapMyRIDE allow users to receive virtual support from friends or challenge others for the top spot while working toward their fitness goals. The Mobile Movement Mobile fitness applications take advantage of smartphone features […]


How to Use QR Codes the Right Way

Are QR codes just a fad that marketers care more about than consumers? Or are they an essential tool that gives meaningful benefits to the people who use them? The answer, of course, is in what you do with them. I’ve used them effectively for clients. I’ve also seen outdoor ads on the highway with […]

Protecting Users Geolocation Data

Geolocation is certainly a hot topic, with everyone from social network operators to app developers looking to find ways to include location information and hopefully monetize it.  But geolocation information is also controversial, as not everyone wants this information collected, tracked and used for a profit.  You may have seen the outcry that erupted after […]