Is Your Blog For Sale? 10 Questions to Answer before Using Affiliate Programs

Blogging can be grueling. It requires discipline, creativity, consistency, and dedication. Even after you’ve written the content, you still have to format it by adding interesting pictures, links, SEO tags, and more. Then, you have to promote it via social media, advertising, and paid/organic search. Let’s face it – it’s work! Maybe you’ve been writing awhile […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Hosting Guest Bloggers

One way to get quality content to fill your blogging editorial calendar is to host guest bloggers. A guest blogger typically submits a blog post (sometimes unique material but not always) that you feature on your site. It’s a fun way to get fresh content, to vary the voice of your site, and to feature […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Pitching Brands for Your Blog

There is a sometimes violent argument from some social media advocates about the idea of monetizing your blog activities. To the more hard lined, there is never an appropriate time to “sell out” your audience. They nobly cite editorial integrity, journalistic creeds, and the dangers of bias from being too close to the money when […]

Wandering Outside Your Social Media Brand

Consistent messaging and brand image is very important online. But, sometimes in your social media, you might want to wander outside your brand. Maybe the latest political issue has you steamed and you want to engage in political debate. Or, maybe a new life passion is bubbling up inside you and the audience or persona […]


B2B Social Media Road Map

I get asked a lot about exactly what to do to implement a social media strategy. The full answer might take several blog posts to answer, but I thought I’d give it a first run start this month. So, without flourish or a bunch of fluff, here is an example of how to map out […]