Publicity and Advertising through Social Media: The Essence

As I wrote in my last article, on the topic differences between Publicity & Advertising through social media, that both needs strategic approaches and that too, at separated lines of definition, it is the demand of the hour that we stress upon the part ‘social’ more than the part ‘media’.  The Basic Essence: With the […]

The Stewardship Tool

Many not-for-profits are still feeling their way into the social mediaspace. In some ways, we have it easier as causes are a tremendousmotivating force, and gives people common causes to rally around, beit the arts, poverty, disease, or whatever is important to you. To becertain, social media can make connections with those similarlypassionate souls in […]

Five ways to deal with customer complaints via Social Media

You suck! No you don’t suck… But what if someone said that either you or your business did!?! Online no less! Social media as a marketing tool is great in many ways. It gives businesses the opportunity to target and interact with your customers while reinforcing your brand. But what about those instances where someone […]

8 Ways Social Media Pros Use Tablets Every Day

If you’re like me, you probably think that the whole social media world has an iPad or some other tablet device to make their lives wonderful – everyone but you, that is. You might even fantasize about how many ways a tablet could make your life easier. Or maybe you have a tablet already and […]

Will Quora find its place among the stars?

Every once in a while, a shiny new social network or application strikes the right cord with the early adopter crowd. Call it perfect timing, luck, or some combination of the two. Twitter felt this boost in 2007, Foursquare managed to be the darling of 2009 at SXSW, and Quora has really come into its […]