Google+: First Tips and Tricks

When Google+ opened for beta testers last Friday, I was privileged to start kicking the tires.  I was immediately sucked into playing on a new playground. “Ooo, what does this do?” “Ooo, shiney!” I was supposed to be leaving for a mini-vacation, but had a hard time tearing myself away. So, what’s a techno, self-proclaimed […]

Why you need to hire a professional designer

If you’ve looked to hire a social media expert you’ve probably encountered many “experts” who will offer to set up a Twitter and Facebook pages and push content for you without much thought in regards to serving your market. Barriers to entry for the web are low and so people are tempted to fall into […]

Who is your tribe? Another take on relationship/tribal marketing

Two nights ago my husband took a nasty fall and split his head open (four inches across) all the way down to his skull. Some almost 40 stitches, 20ish tweets and several hours spent at ER, we made it home. What does this have to do with relationship marketing? I sent one tweet:  I immediately […]

Your Online Perception: Who Are You Really?

You know the nuances of your personality better than others. You know that when you’re quiet and focused at work it doesn’t mean “Go away, I don’t like you!”. You know that when you exclaim with surprise “Huh! You look really nice today” to your wife it doesn’t mean you think that she normally looks […]

Using personas to help you understand your customer

Do you use personas when you’re working on a a design or marketing plan? It’s not a good sign when a four year old girl points out that you are putting a door handle on backwards is it? That’s happened to me before, it’ll happen again too.  If you were trying to reach me as […]

Attention seekers, why you need context as well as great content

Attention seekers, why you need context as well as great content Yesterday morning I woke up with  a strong desire to get away from it all and drive to San Francisco for the day. I tweeted my craving for some city time and received some great tips for events and lots of encouragement to go. I also […]