#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Candace Kemp McCaffery

Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which include Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th), New York City (September 23rd), Toronto (October 7th) and Kansas City (October 21st).  You can join #bizforum, a weekly Twitter debate that encourage its […]

Social Media Club Announces Social Media Master Patrick O'Keefe

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTER: PATRICK O’KEEFE   We recently announced a change in date for our Social Media Masters Tour and will now be kicking the series off in Atlanta on August 26, 2011.    We’ve got some excellent sessions planned, including one hosted by Patrick O’Keefe, discussing your community – the people who love and support what […]

Social Media Club Atlanta: Rebuilding on a stronger foundation

The great metropolis of Atlanta, torched to the ground by Sherman in 1864, is the iconic American rebirth story.  You can rise from the ashes and build something much bigger and stronger. Social Media Club Atlanta is now resurrecting itself, although it was felled by a structural flaw rather than an outside force.  And many […]