Old School (Literally) Meets New School – Universities Go Social

Today’s guest post is from Kaity Nakagoshi. You can connect with Kaity on Twitter, @Kaity_FL. An increasing number of colleges and universities are discovering that social media is not just an effective marketing tool to attract new prospects; it’s also a platform that enhances learning by allowing students and teachers to interact and connect outside of […]

Join Social Media Club Editorial Team

It’s been almost a year since we launched our SMC Editorial Team, which has been a great resource for our community members.    We’ve received a lot of inquiries from members across the globe interested in joining our editorial team, which is currently 30+ contributors strong and represents chapters from Sweden, India, The Netherlands, United […]

Social Media Clubhouse News (May 2011)

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS KICKS OFF IN MINNEAPOLIS   Social Media Masters is launching an 11 city tour, beginning in Minneapolis, MN (USA) on June 8, 2011. We’re offering one (half day) or two (full day) workshop(s) lead by our Social Media Masters, Angie Schottmuller, Rich Mahn, Barbara Rozgonyi and Jeff Achen.   Each Master will help […]

Social Media Club Introduces Hillary Till, Student Chapter Liaison

Social Media Club has sustained some excellent growth over the last few years, with well over 230 chapters globally.  This growth has demanded that our organization start making larger strides in our SMC EDU initiative.  Social Media Club launched Social Media Club for Education (SMCEDU) to provide leadership, guidance, facilitation and resources to students, educators, and administrators in […]

SMCEDU Announces Board of Advisors, Moves Toward Funding

SMCEDU, an education initiative of Social Media Club focused on improving the quality of Social Media education in Universities and empowering its community of Social Media professors, today announced its new Board of Advisors. Consisting of 15 community leaders from around the United States, the advisory board is tasked with determining the priorities for SMCEDU, […]

The SMCEDU Podcast: Pilot

We’re trying out a new format for discussion: podcasts. Personally, I love podcasts because I have a long commute and I like to run. I find it’s a great way to take in information and entertainment while I’m busy doing something else (sitting in traffic, hamster-wheeling it on a treadmill, running errands, etc). Last week, […]

Apply to Join the SMCEDU Advisory Board

As more universities engage with SMCEDU and bring social media education into their curriculum, it has become necessary to create a formal structure around our current effort to move it forward in earnest. We must build a team of dedicated educators and professionals to collaborate closely for the purpose of increasing awareness of the program, […]

21st Century Literacies, Part 1 of 2

Earlier this summer I sat down with Howard Rheingold to talk about his ideas for 21st Century Literacies. The result is a two part video. This is the first part wherein he discusses whether all this tech stuff is any good for us, the new digital divides between those who know how to use this […]

Social Media Club Week-in-Review for May 28

As many of us here in the States wind down for a coveted Memorial Day three-day weekend of barbecuing, outdoor fun and perhaps even unplugging from our laptops and smart phones long enough to get some sun, its the perfect opportunity to introduce our week-in-review post highlighting and giving thanks to some of our best […]

May 03, 2010 #SMCEDU Chat Topic: The SMCEDU Online Curriculum

Social Media Club Education Connection (aka #SMCEDU) is a national initiative whose goal is to unite educators, students, and professionals to further the development of social media curriculum in our schools, enabling a wider network of learning and workforce preparedness. #SMCEDU is a part of Social Media Club, a nonprofit organization that is working to […]