Build your Email Database with Twitter Cards

Social Media Club hit 14,000 email subscribers this week! Hooray! Collecting data is a wonderful perk of social media, especially when users receive as much valuable information as our subscriber list does. While we are extremely pleased with our success we know there are great tools out there to help boost this number and spread […]

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Twitter tightens its wings

Next time you think about sending out a tweet that is identical to one that you just sent out several hours ago, you may want to reconsider. Twitter, which was far more lax about duplicate tweets in the past, is now putting its foot down. What’s the Problem? All scheduled tweets that are identical, no matter if […]

Designer Drawing Website Development Wireframe

SMC is looking for a Dynamic Web Development Director!

Social Media Club (SMC) is looking for someone who loves web development and has the know-how to manage our website and database. The Web Site Operations and Development Director maintains our current website and database and this individual will also be responsible for coordinating our partner web development company in our impending full website redesign project. […]