Finding the ‘Perfect App’ for your Mobile Device

With the number of smartphones, androids, tablets and ipads being sold, it’s difficult to calculate an accurate number of Apps on the market, but you can bet that the number of Apps will increase with every mobile device purchased.    Statistics show The number of mobile devices will exceed the World’s population by 2012.  It […]

What is the Value of a Facebook Fan?

 This question is at the core of many of our social media strategies.  For many marketers, the exploration of the question distracts us from the holistic value of social media.  I would argue that this is true to a point but I find myself uncomfortable with avoiding the question entirely.  Marketing without metrics is like […]

Memories Are Made of This … SXSW 2011 in Pictures

It is said that “A Picture is worth a 1000 words;” not surprising since over 80% of people learn and retain information visually. The benefits of using visuals in what you do are numerous; when combined with text you increase the chance of people remembering what you said up to 90%.   The practice of using pictures […]


Social Media and the Law

The intersection of new technologies like social media and the law seems to be quite a busy place. It seems that every day I read at least one or more articles, blog posts, or letter to Dear Abby addressing matters involving social media and the law. In addition, the advice columns seem to be inundated […]

Three Tiers of Facebook Brand Page Execution: Which is right for your brand?

Here's a way to think of the opportunity: Facebook is it's own microcosm within the internet with 500 million users and more time spent than Google. Having a bold and clear presentation of your brand in this "corner" of the internet is increasingly critical to the brand experience (whether you are a mom and pop […]

Words Matter

I can’t help but think over and over of my favorite movie, The Fisher King, right now. It is the story of shock jock radio host, Jack, played by Jeff Bridges, who gives violent advice during his show to an unstable man that results in a massive shooting. It’s an exceptional and, at times, heartbreaking […]

How are we Impacted by Social Media?

Social media is very powerful for many reasons, mainly because it brings people together. As we’ve seen, it can be used as a tool for general communication, marketing/PR, customer service, e-commerce and just overall viral sharing. Regardless of its many uses on a business or personal level, social media makes things possible in ways that […]

Social Media Clubhouse December 2010 Highlights

SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB EXPANDING MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS We have rallied a handful of volunteers to help expand Social Media Club member benefits, and would like to discuss your company possibly extending discounts/benefits to our paid members. We have some exciting partnerships with mobile accessory companies and software/hardware companies but are also seeking member benefits for business […]