The War Over Your Child’s Social Profile

There’s been a lot of talk about revamping the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, originally passed in 1998, to reflect the realities of our social media age.   Many legislators, who voted for the law back when websites were a new thing, want to give COPPA more teeth. This includes updates to ensure social, apps, mobile […]


New Google+ Notifications Improve Engagement

Google+ has made engagement with others just a bit easier. It used to be that if you wanted to read or respond to something on Google+, you had to log in to do so.  But early this month, Google+ added some new functionality – reading comments, responding to threads and adding +1s – to Gmail […]

How do you protect your brand when employees leave?

When I started my job at Fresno Pacific University over six years ago Facebook barely existed, Twitter was a dream in Jack Dorsey’s head and Instagram’s million or so users had barely been born! Ok, ok Instagram users aren’t that young but the point is the social graph as we know it now barely existed.  […]


Google+ Launches Pages for Businesses

When Google+ launched earlier this year, we set up a brand page for Social Media Club and invested several days into building our corporate profile and connecting with our members on the platform. It was a hack of course, as the system wanted a first name/last name, gender and more – but we wanted to […]

What if Social Media Never Changed?

By now everyone has probably seen the new Facebook changes. I’ll admit that I’m not an avid Facebook user, so it feels like every time I log on to the site I’m bombarded by something new that makes me wish for the old days when you had to have an .edu email address to use […]

“Me Time” Found: Restoring personal balance in a social age

For my article this month, I can’t tell you about Facebook’s new timeline or Google+’s photo privacy tools. I can’t tell you about the latest YouTube sensation or trending Twitter topic. I don’t even know where my friends were located in the past 24 hours: I never saw their check-ins. I think I forgot a […]

Annual f8 Summit Introduces New Facebook Changes

In the most hilarious event introduction I’ve seen, Andy Samberg – famous SNL cast member who often plays Mark Zuckerberg the NBC comedy skits – opened with a joke about online identity and insisted he was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook *does* have a sense of humor.  In a packed house at the annual Facebook developer conference […]

Your Online Perception: Who Are You Really?

You know the nuances of your personality better than others. You know that when you’re quiet and focused at work it doesn’t mean “Go away, I don’t like you!”. You know that when you exclaim with surprise “Huh! You look really nice today” to your wife it doesn’t mean you think that she normally looks […]