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Time to Create a Social Media Strategy

Social media traffic has the potential to be one of the biggest referrers of quality traffic to your site. While some types of social traffic have a reputation for being hard to convert, overall, social media traffic is very engaging. We blogged about social media engagement last month and last week, using it to effectively grow […]

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What Should You Really Be Getting From Social Media?

It is quite funny to read all the articles about social media: everyone is talking about number of likes, followers, shares and retweets as if those were the new Grail. It seems like being “famous” – meaning “having many fans and/or followers” – is what matters most, along with the feeling that the brand is […]

The Social Media App with All of the Answers

Sweigh: A New Social Media App with All The Answers

As social media people, marketers and bloggers are always looking for one thing…more information. The new social media startup app, Sweigh gives us just that, more information. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and many other social media platforms tell us what users have liked, shared, clicked on and the people they think are important. These platforms […]


3 Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Many argue that social media strategy is a buzz word with no real merit. The skeptics say that you don’t need a social media strategy. They argue that social media is part of any company’s traditional marketing mix. Skeptics point to the fact that all marketing channels should be integrated meaning that your message on […]


How to Integrate User-Generated Content into a Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social and digital media, customers are broadcasting their experiences with brands more than ever before. Consumers are generating content about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions across the social web. It’s not just a Consumer Report rating or a newspaper critic’s review that now influence customers. It’s the opinion of existing customers that […]

5 Digital PR Tips For Journalists

Photo source: Sawyer Pangbom As a journalist, I frequently would coach my sources on pitching newsrooms. I still do this for folks today, as a media relations manager with PR Newswire. Journalists are very specific in how they like to be contacted, communicated with, and given news items. How you tread in this pool will […]


Social Media Survival: Albatross or Condor?

Image Credit: GrrlScientist via Creative Commons Why am I comparing social media strategy to birds? Because the Condors, while still not out of the evolutionary woods, have a dedicated team of people who are nurturing their very existence. It’s not easy, but they understand their goal (keeping the species around) and understand there will be pitfalls and hiccups […]


Social Media Club Expanding Global Board of Directors. Apply Now!

When we launched Social Media Club in March of 2006, I could name less than 10 companies that had a corporate blog. Only 1 of them was producing video on a regulr basis. None of them had a Community Manager on staff. Twitter was a fun way to connect with 15 of your closest ‘techie’ […]

10 Step Process for Creating a Kick Butt Social Media Strategy

Most of us are pretty close to convinced that we need to be on social media to market ourselves and our business. Some of you have put your toe in the water, polished up your LinkedIn account, maybe played around with Twitter. Perhaps you’ve set up a Facebook fan page and upload a video or […]

Hey Small Business, It’s Time to Get Serious About Social

When it comes to small business, challenges in developing a smart, successful social media presence are the same as most face in all facets of their business – time and money.   Most small businesses now know they have to get on board but time can be one of the most precious commodities and that’s […]