Social Media Club stands out in Jacksonville’s professional landscape

Social media is just the latest in a long series of disruptions that Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city, has taken in stride.  The site of one of the earliest European settlements in the New World (1564), what is now Jacksonville was alternately a French, British, and Spanish colony before joining the United States in 1821 and […]

Social Media Meets the Aloha Culture in Hawaii

The island paradise of Hawaii rounded out the stars on the U.S. flag at 50 in 1960, and it remains the union’s most unique member.  Hawaii is the most ethnically and racially diverse state, the southernmost state, and the only state not part of the North American continent.  Globally, its islands, islets and atolls comprise […]


A flexible organizational structure works best in Auckland

Thoughts of New Zealand generally conjure up spectacular landscapes complete with smoking volcanoes, abrupt mountains, relentless glaciers, stunning fiords, and odd flightless birds.  This primordial backdrop made the perfect natural movie set for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But what I will always associate New Zealand with is entirely manmade.  As the first developed […]

Social Media Club San Gabriel Valley: The focus is on business education

One complaint often heard about Los Angeles—the nation’s largest city, geographically, with 469 square miles just within the city limits—is that “there’s no there there.”  This conundrum has plagued city planners as they attempt to herd people onto public transit, and it also challenges the organizers of Social Media Club chapters. Sally Falkow can tell […]

Chapter puts travel destination Victoria on social media map

The Canadian city of Victoria, like many western outposts, has its roots in the gold rushes of the 19th century.  Today this Pacific gem and capital of British Columbia is mining digital riches, combining a strong tech industry with tourism, government, commercial fishing, shipbuilding, forestry, and agricultural research sectors. Such diversity has cushioned the water-bound […]

San Francisco chapter celebrates 5th anniversary

Social Media Club San Francisco is five years old this month, and to those of us in relative backwaters it seems to be sitting pretty.  Its namesake city is loaded with cutting-edge digital media agencies and professionals, and the surrounding region is studded with the headquarters of countless high tech and social media trend setters, […]

Paying it forward: Sacramento chapter focuses on community building

Sun is a great mood enhancer, and Sacramento is one of the nation’s sunniest cities.  That and a relatively young demographic may help explain why optimism abounds in Social Media Club Sacramento. The chapter’s leadership made a bold move recently and started the process of applying for Official Chapter status—even though Sacramento at the time […]

Social Media Club Atlanta: Rebuilding on a stronger foundation

The great metropolis of Atlanta, torched to the ground by Sherman in 1864, is the iconic American rebirth story.  You can rise from the ashes and build something much bigger and stronger. Social Media Club Atlanta is now resurrecting itself, although it was felled by a structural flaw rather than an outside force.  And many […]