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How To Build Your Social Media Strategy With Content Marketing In Mind

Content converts. Content that’s unique, useful, and engaging that is. And isn’t that what you want your social media strategy to do? You want it to convert more awareness about and engagement with your brand. You want it to convert more traffic to your website. You want it to convert mere brand follows into trusting […]

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Maximize Your Branding with Hashtags on Twitter

No message posted on social media, comes without the use of #hashtag along with it these days. It is not a huge surprise; Hashtags must be amongst the most overused devices on social media. It has become the fashion to add hashtags to anything and everything you share on social networks. In fact, this occurs […]

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5 Twitter Tools Everyone Should Be Using

Twitter is full fantastic information and insights.  However, most social media marketing people are not using it to it’s full potential.  When data tools are added to sift through Twitter’s endless information, the social media platform becomes more than just useful. Here are a few of my favorite Twitter tools: 1.  Followerwonk Followerwonk by Moz […]

Is Strip Commerce

Is Strip Commerce On the Rise?

Funny how Valentine’s Day can bring up information we had almost forgotten about.  Last week, many articles on the same subject were shared widely in France. The subject? A new way of attracting attention and engaging customers in a way that should have been used long ago, is now developing on the web. It worked in men’s […]

How to becomea thought leader

How To Become A Thought Leader With Twitter

Today it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out as a thought leader, but the good news with social media is that you can control your own destiny. You can determine what you want your personal brand to be and what you want to be known as a leader in. However, this requires careful strategic planning. […]

Build your Email Database with Twitter Cards

Social Media Club hit 14,000 email subscribers this week! Hooray! Collecting data is a wonderful perk of social media, especially when users receive as much valuable information as our subscriber list does. While we are extremely pleased with our success we know there are great tools out there to help boost this number and spread […]

Social Media Crisis Management for Dummies

Why is it that when a company has a crisis they shut down their social media channels? In some cases companies will block comments on Facebook or will suspend their Twitter account until the crisis is over. So what gives? Why do they do it? There are two reasons for this outcome. 1 – The […]

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Twitter tightens its wings

Next time you think about sending out a tweet that is identical to one that you just sent out several hours ago, you may want to reconsider. Twitter, which was far more lax about duplicate tweets in the past, is now putting its foot down. What’s the Problem? All scheduled tweets that are identical, no matter if […]

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Top 15 Reasons Why No One Follows You on Twitter

Many people join Twitter but become inactive soon after because they fail to connect with the audience. Here are the top 15 reasons explaining why someone decides to unfollow you on Twitter. Twitter Egg Avatar: It is the default Twitter profile picture or avatar that you should change immediately after creating your account. A genuine photo of […]


Why Air Jordans are Social

Have you ever tried to buy a pair of Air Jordans? It’s not as easy as you think it is. Sure you can walk into a Footlocker or FinishLine store at any suburban shopping mall and pick up a pair, but if you want a pair of retro Jordans or even the latest release it’s […]