Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (4/12/12)

  SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB CHAPTERS EMBODY “IF YOU GET IT, SHARE IT”    Social Media Club was founded to share best practices across the industry by building community and providing a collaborative environment to teach and learn.  Over the last few years many of our chapters have gone above and beyond by providing workshops or […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (3/22/12)

#MYSMCSTORY: SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES IN SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB Have you benefited personally or professionally from attending a Social Media Club event (Social Media Camps, Social Media Masters, Social Media Clubhouse, etc) or from participating in your local chapter?    Have you learned something new, met a lifelong friend or secured or client or job by […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (02/16/12)

GOING TO SxSW NEXT MONTH?   SMC will be at SxSW in full force next month with editorial team members covering all things interactive on theSocial Media Clubhouse blog including daily recap videos and interviews from the Austin Convention Center.  Be sure to follow all our tweets during SxSW using #SMCH9, March 8th-14th!      FEBRUARY BOOK CLUB […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (01/3/12)

FEBRUARY BOOK CLUB: THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST      We’re proud to feature great titles in 2012 with monthly reviews and complimentary webinars hosting some of the social media industry’s most innovative authors. We received a lot of great feedback last year and want to thank you for supporting the Book Club, our publishing partners […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (1/19/12)

SOCIALMEDIACLUB.ORG GOES ‘DARK’ TO PROTEST SOPA & PIPA BILLS On Wednesday, January 18th, along with dozens of other sites including Reddit, Wikipedia and Craigslist, ‘went dark’ in protest of some legislation that seeks to strangle our beloved Internet.  These bills known as Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) were created with […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (12/8/11)

FASHION ICON IS AN APPLE FANBOY  Social Media Club founders Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer are in Paris covering all things tech at the Le Web conference from December 7-9th. This global conference combines industry thought leaders from the social, mobile and technology spaces … and even fashion! Yes, the fashion world has gone high tech.  Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld, a household name in the […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (12/2/2011)

SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB VISITS LE WEB Join Social Media Club founders Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer at Le Web, December 7-9th in Paris.  This truly global conference combines industry thought leaders from the social, mobile and technology spaces.  There are always exciting product launches, new startups and advancements in the tech space presented at Le […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (11/16/11)

SOCIAL MEDIA IN HIGHER EDUCATION Over two years ago, we launched an initiative known as ‘Social Media Club for Education’ (SMCEDU) and have been working with a team of volunteers to connect social media professionals, students, educators and administrators in higher education organizations to facilitate world wide discussion of social media and higher education. Earlier […]

Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events (September 2011)

 Featured Events  Produced by Social Media Club, the world’s leading association of social media professionals and Sensei Marketing, a firm specializing in customer acquisition and social engagement for the enterprise, Social Media Masters is a premium event for leading brands and social media strategists. Unlike traditional events that attempt to satisfy the needs of all levels of practitioners, the […]

Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events (July 2011)

   Featured Events With the amount of time we have invested in growing the social media profession, we are extremely fortunate to have relationships with leading thinkers, practitioners and visionaries who will be participating and sharing their insights with the Social Media Masters conference goers across the country. Our standards are extremely high when it […]