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8 Ways to Increase Your Business ROI through Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a bane and a boon to all business owners. If it works out well for your business and brings in more traffic, you will love it or else, you will hate it. With more than 1.71 million of people on Facebook as of June 2016, it is pretty safe to say that a lot of our market audience, clients and customers, are active on the world’s biggest social media platform. It should be of no surprise that Facebook ads are one of the most advanced and powerful ways of generating leads for your business. While Facebook need no introduction, I do hope these strategies will convince you of the potential of using it as a tool for business growth. If you are trying to figure out how to do so, here are some of the major tips:

Creating a benefit packed headline:

Are you giving your marketing audience any discount? Or, are you offering them a white paper? Tell your audience in the headline how your product and services will help them in solving the problem. For instance, here is great example from Club W. The headline, post text and the description all make sense with each other without having any redundant information. The headline helps in grabbing attention through a strong value proposition, explaining the offer delivering a satisfaction guarantee.

Update your cover photos:

Have your cover photo changed in order to get things up. Having your cover photo changed can reflect to the season or time of the year, showing fans you are doing your best to be active and stay relevant. Having your cover photos updated to advertise your sales or giveaway’s will help in grabbing attention of your marketing audience than what they might receive otherwise.

Facebook offers to capture their attention:

Facebook offers are similar to Google offer extensions, allowing you to promote a deal exclusively on Facebook. Try using offers in order to give away an item, maybe whitepapers for their verified email addresses. You can also create offers or a discount in order to be redeemed in your brick and mortar store. Target your Facebook offers just to your fans, and if it goes well then you can widen it to your marketing audience.

Giveaways or Freebies:

Who does not like freebies? I do love them. According to a study conducted by high level marketing, 36% consumers like Facebook pages in order to receive a freebie or a sample. For example, a few weeks ago I was searching for Photoshop actions to improve my skills. Photoshop action is pre-set editing where with one simple click you can have the photo edited based on settings.  I then came across a website Paint the Moon and soon discovered that they are giving away free Photoshop actions for the ones who like their page. It did not take a long time for me to look at their website and like their page downloading a freebie.

Using eye catching images:

One of the best images you can use in your Facebook ads are not just the high quality ones, but also

  • The right size of the ad type you are using.
  • Non Facebook colours.
  • Pictures of women perform better than images of men.
  • Images of some happy people, bonus points if they have been using your product.
  • Bright colour and eye catching images.

Remember people will be trying to reach you through the ads while scrolling their Facebook feeds quickly. So have an image used where you can stop them in their tracks.  Aim to make your image stand out.

Get Help If Required:

Post the contest on your Facebook profile and ask your friends to share. People love contests and if they share tell them they can win a prize benefitting their friends and family members.

Always testing:

Facebook runs hundreds of ads in a day for various clients constantly making different tweaks and variations. You can test new interests to target, splitting test ad images, copy text, call to actions button, a button on ads vs. no button etc. It can be taxing to swapping things out and watching data, but your long term Facebook ads depend on it. Ads get stale very fast and their costs arise as their effectiveness begins to decrease.

Don’t pay for page likes:

When you have set up ad campaigns for your business on Facebook, you can then choose page likes based on targets. You might think that likes on Facebook will show success but the concept of likes these days is not popular and will just hurt your business. The reason is that Facebook does not show your ads to the ones who have liked the page. Thus, rather than just focussing on likes you can skip this step and move right on to promoting what you really want to promote. For instance Jenny Craig has a special offer behind its like gate. New Facebook fans snag a deal for three days of nutritious food with free shopping.

Using Facebook Videos:

Most authors neglect the most important aspect of Facebook marketing. Facebook videos can help you in driving attention to your product or service. Facebook has introduced short video ads that are generally played for 15 seconds and include an auto play feature. You can create video ads with features talking about your products and services, and how users will gain benefits from it. Such videos help in communicating your stories in a better manner than videos created for direct sales.

To conclude, there is no excuse left for not doing Facebook ads.  You can always start with the small and expand from where you have started, gaining effective marketing results.


Jenni Wrights

Author Bio Jenni is a VP from Ampliz. She has been working in strategy, business intelligence, and marketing for large organizations. She helps to make unique campaigns work, especially through social media and Email marketing.