New updates to the SMC Job Listings Directory

We are pleased to share some new exciting new updates to the Job Listings directory on Social Media Club.

Now, as a benefit to our members, we will provide exclusive, private access to view Job Listings for TWO WEEKS before the listing is made available to Public View. Once a Job Listing is made public, anyone with a link to that listing will be able to view it.

Whether you are actively job hunting, or always keeping an eye open, be the first to hear about exciting opportunities by becoming a member of Social Media Club!

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Previously, Job Listings were only visible to signed-in members. While that was nice for our members, employers have been asking for better visibility if they were going through the process of submitting jobs to our website. Understandable. We decided to meet in the middle and provide members with exclusive, “first dibs” access. Employers & members we’ve spoken to so far have agreed this was a fair decision, and we are excited to see more Job Listings added to our site with SMC Members being given first priority.

Access to browse our entire directory of Job Listings is available only to signed-in members of Social Media Club. Login now or become a member for exclusive, private access to job opportunities before they go public!

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