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Why Mobile Marketing Is Essential For Businesses – Big and Small

With all the current technology available today it’s essential for businesses to be aware and informed about the ever-changing world of mobile advertising and marketing.

To begin, mobile advertising creates a greater opportunity for businesses to be able to connect with customers. Current statistics show that 70% of people will contact a business after a mobile search. With mobile, businesses now have the opportunity to target and reach current and potential customers.

Mobile marketing can also increase productivity, get recommendations from customers and help grow the business. In Canada 27.4 million people are connected to the Internet, which relates to 80% of the population. Of those connected on mobile devices, 83% are using their device while on the go.

The key to mobile marketing involves determining what consumers are looking for and what excites them about mobile technology. Social media, surprises, simple, free and fun are all words that consumers look for everyday on their mobile device. Businesses need to be able to associate themselves with these key words.

Once we are able to determine who the audience is and what excites them, businesses can utilize mobile marketing and begin to offer the right message to the right people at the right moment. Respect from customers, especially on mobile, needs to be gained.

Being immediate, actionable and personal allows for mobile marketing to be different than any form of web based marketing. Considering that mobile phones are with us at all times of the day, it gives businesses opportunities to develop immediate, time-sensitive ads and messages that make the customer act immediately.

For example, if a drug or grocery store app was on your phone while you were shopping in that store, the app could offer instant coupons and discounts.

If a business is not taking advantage of mobile technology it is certain that the competition is. Mobile marketing gives businesses the opportunity to be more flexible, easier access to the website, social media pages and contact information.

Some tips for small businesses to increase their connection with customers through mobile would be to ensure a mobile friendly website. On average 57% of mobile users would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

Businesses also want to embrace the use of social media especially through Google. Google offers a wide variety of tools for small businesses to help increase their chances of being seen through geo targeting. When consumers are searching for places to eat or shop in the area, it is essential that your business appear on the search screen.

Facebook and other social sites are also essential to connect through the mobile website this gives visitors more opportunities to connect and grow the business to customer relationship.

In closing, mobile marketing is so essential for all types of businesses because of the many unique advantages a business can create over the competition. These advantages will result in stronger relationships and rises in profits.

Paul L. Boots will be graduating from the Advertising Program at Windsor, Ontario’s  St. Clair College this spring. He can be reached through his website, at LinkedIn or via Twitter.