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3 Key Components to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

What I find to be so appealing and motivating about Gary’s quote is that with the resources at our disposal, skies the limit for growing businesses and startups.  The key component that separates you from the next person is hustle. One of my favorite entrepreneurial books, #ASKGARYVEE One Entrepreneurs Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk offers some of the best business guidance, based off of a Q & A format with Gary. Although, #ASKGARYVEE is packed with plenty of essential information, He mentions 3 vital business ideas for the next entrepreneur:

  • Become a media company. Businesses thrive on 2 things, word of mouth and online presence. If you are not online, your business doesn’t exist. A business needs to be present on as many channels as possible. Networking is a staple in the business world.
  • Talk with passion, confidence, and expertise. Be smart with your inner circle and your resources. Break out of your comfort zone, focus on your strengths, and raise the bar.
  • Cash is oxygen. A product must solve a problem, a need, and make people happy. Do not worry about the name of your business, worry about a product that sells. Without product revenue, there is no cash and no business.

Having heard about Gary via The Wine Library TV where he made his media debut also kicked started his first business read, Why Now is the Time to CRUSH IT! Cash in On Your Passion. Crush IT was one of my first business books and gave me more insight and direction for my personal blog. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, store owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, the above advice pertains to you. Continue to pursue your business goals, remain focused, and hustle!