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Perfecting Landing Pages for Social Media Campaigns

As social media traffic continues to increase so does the importance of creating and implementing landing pages into your strategy. This doesn’t have to be difficult. A large portion of the rules that apply to PPC landing pages can be applied to social media landing pages. You also no longer have to worry about spending too much time developing a landing page. With services like GetResponse, you can easily create landing pages that convert in a just a few a minutes.

So what should our social media landing pages look like? Well first off, they need to be unique for each post.

Video Content

Landing pages for Facebook video content should have minimal text, link to the content from the post, and the page should have related content on it as well, without adding too much additional information. Think about it from the consumer point of view, you wouldn’t want to be mislead by content. There is nothing more annoying than thinking you are headed to one piece of content, but actually being driven to another. Also, don’t add unnecessary tags, links or redirects on your landing page. Keep it clean concise and reliable. Remember to add your call-to-action as it relates to the post. Landing pages should always convert!


When you’re driving traffic to your actual social media pages you should treat those profiles as if they were landing pages. The pages should convert, represent your company well, and be designed. There is nothing more frustrating than landing a sponsored post that drives you to a social media profile, and when you arrive it looks as if the page has been left for dead. Companies like WooBox can easily help organize your company social media profiles. Don’t waste your money driving traffic to profiles that even you don’t want to look at.


Landing pages for offers and coupons from social media should have the offer on the page. This happens more often than not. People put a discount or coupon in a post, promote the post and the landing page does not have the offer. How are people supposed to know what the offer even was by the time they get to the page? And if they have to go back they won’t. As marketers, we have to consistently remind people of why they are there. If we send them to a page without a reminder, they will run and never come back.


Let’s talk landing pages for pre-orders. We often see people post things that say, “Only 10 left!” Then we click to pre-order and there were only twenty for sale in the first place. That does not make me want t purchase your pre-order. Not only that, but now I am annoyed by you and your brand. It is a false statement and not because of the amount they claimed to be left, but because of the false urgency. Make sure that your post’s context matched the context within the landing page.

Avoid Dead Pages

Lastly, please don’t kill your landing pages before you kill the campaign. The only thing more annoying than an ugly or misleading landing page is a dead landing page. Avoid 404 pages at all costs and redirect the traffic to a page that is live. You should be regularly checking your site links for dead pages, especially if you are working with a third party vendor or agency. What are some tips or stories that you have about landing pages?