Community Offers


We are proud to offer a special a discount to Social Media Club members for Hootsuite’s newest certification:

Hootsuite has worked with several leading practitioners & strategists to develop a Hootsuite Certification in Social Media Marketing, which is offered through our new online education platform, Podium.

Because this offering was created with social media professionals in mind, we’d like to introduce it to the Social Media Club (SMC) community. We’d be open to offering a 40% discount specifically for all SMC members.

We are offering SMC Professors Hootusite’s Higher Education Program at no cost: 

Hootsuite has a free program available to college and university professors and their students, providing a free 3 month subscription to Hootsuite Pro and Hootsuite University. The goal is to provide various Hootsuite resources to professors and their classrooms to make teaching social media easier.