Curious about using video for business?

You already know there are lots of ways to create content, but chances are you’ve not tried video. Maybe your afraid of the technical aspects. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you think its got to be perfectly produced and polished. Steve Garfield has some pretty heavy production chops, but his new book Get Seen (not an […]

July 20: How to Buy Social Media Services

We know that buying any new type of product or service can be confusing! Social media is just the same, especially when new social networks and technology are being created virtually every month! In any new industry there are growing pains for establishing best practices, creating market demand, and of course sorting out the charlatans […]

Too much information

While social media makes it easy to connect with people you know, it also makes it easier to connect with people you don’t really know — and makes it easier to unintentionally share too much damaging personal information with them. Exposed Think back to fourth grade. While the teacher’s back was towards you, were you […]

Social Media for Educators & Students in Hawaii

We had our first SMCEDU conference call today and are sharing with you the notes from the call, plus the audio of the call itself. If you are interested in this topic, please leave a comment and/or join our email list so we can keep you in the loop! Our local chapter membership has grown […]

Social Media Professionals Survey

We are conducting a survey of our peers – the social media professionals. This survey is open to anyone who performs social media as a job – whether you build assets like blogs and custom Facebook pages, design strategy, create content, manage communities, etc. We welcome all of YOU to respond, regardless of your location, […]

SMCHI May 2011 Recap: Q & A with Phyllis Khare and Peter Liu

We’re a little late on our review from May’s Social Media Club Meeting and we hope you’ll forgive our tardiness. We want to keep you updated, but sometimes our imperfections get in the way. This month’s imperfections? Tardiness. Last month, well, it was technical difficulties. May’s SMCHI meeting featured two guest speakers, who joined us […]

SMCHI Grows Up and Out

Well, its official: Social Media Club of Hawaii (SMCHI) has finally attained (through its parent organization) 501c3 status. Anyone who has ever been to a free SMCHI event (and they are all free) can attest to the fact that SMCHI has always been a non-for-profit organization, but the new status makes it official.  Along with […]