SMC Book Review: Get Bold by Sandy Carter

Social Business “embeds social in all its processes, connecting people to people, people to information and data to insight. It is a company that engages its employees and clienst in a two-way dialogue with social  tools, is transparent in sharing its expertise beyond its four walls and is nimble in its use of insight to […]

Social Media Policy Planning – Event Recap

WOW! We kicked 2012 off in style with the help of some great panelist and an awesome and engaged audience, both in person and on the live stream. We gave away the book Get Bold from Sandy Carter to @libz. I am in the process of reading this book and I highly recommend it; we’ll be […]

Mobile Content Spans Multiple Screens

The Nielson Company’sThree Screen Report found 57% of Internet users use TV and Internet simultaneously at home–and since then the iPad and tablet computers have surged in popularity. The rise of mobile media is causing one of the most significant changes to consumer behavior since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Today’s smartphone users are […]

Social Media Guidance From the Trenches

On any given day, I post 3-4 times on 6-8 different Facebook pages, send out 50-60 tweets under 6-8 accounts, participate in an hour-long tweet chat, upload a YouYube video, publish a blog, respond to 20-30 emails all while monitoring and responding to questions or mentions for all of these accounts. That was a mouth […]

SMCHI BOD Kick Off Meeting 2012

WOW. Get five energetic, creative people in a room, mix in a Google Hangout, add a little beer, some pupus and what do you get?  Insane brainstorming, problem solving and ideas. Your BOD this year is ALL in and I think its going to be an exciting year. It goes without saying that so many […]