Membership Monday: Meet SMCHI Pro, Liberty Peralta

Our Pro membership is comprised of digital professionals, innovators, and leaders from a wide array of (some unexpected) disciplines. To showcase this diversity, each month we’ll introduce you to one of our Pro members and share their insights on social media. Are you a SMCHI Pro interested to be profiled in a future month? Contact Jen Barrett to learn […]

Small Budgets, Big Results: August #SMCHI Educational Event

Social media is never a small task—from the ever-changing platforms and tools to staying on top of trends and best practices, from the daily management to targeted campaigns, social media can be a full-time job. But often times we are faced with large tasks with little resources. Join us for an interactive event where you […]

Talk Story Lunch at Du Vin

Transparency. Authenticity.  What does that really mean in the daily practice of the web?  SMCHI Pro Members are invited to a special talk story lunch in downtown Honolulu on July 17th. One of the key missions of Social Media Club is to uphold best practices and provide social media in an ethical way to our communities, […]