Why Would You Attend a Social Media Club Hawaii Meeting In Person?

Ever feel like you just need to vent? Or maybe talk through an idea with someone you trust, or even someone new?

I know. We’ve all been there. In fact, the more time we spend in front of our computers, even being social on Twitter or Facebook or now..Google+, the more we really need it. It does seem kind of ironic. With all the technology why event meet at all? The answer is clear: No matter how much I love Twitter (and boy, oh boy do I loooooove Twitter), the more I find myself seeking ways to engage in person. Being together creates an uplifting energy that’s undeniable.

SMCHI always has the most interesting group of people at these meetings from such different backgrounds. Some of us have marketing backgrounds, some have advertising backgrounds, some people have advanced tech experience. Some people have been using social media for years, some just started and some, well, they what we’ll call them social-curious. Everyone is welcome, because everyone has something to add to the conversation. Because of this,  when we come together, we always find a way to solve one another’s challenges and help one another reach our goals. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter reinforce those relationships, but its that person-to-person connection that we still need. Every single time I leave a SMCHI meeting, my creative juices are cranking. I’m always inspired by the group of people who gather.

Where do my ideas come from? Always from a conversation. When we meet in person, we exchange ideas in a collaborative way that we just can’t do any other way. That’s why SMCHI continues to have community public meetings. Not only that, but seriously, have you SEEN the wine list at Amuse? I mean, it weren’t for the wine bar, we’d have a harder time putting the “Inc. into Drink”. But that’s what we do, sip-discuss rinse repeat. After all, creating solutions can be the best time ever!

So no matter what your looking for, a recommendation for a project your working on. A little free advice. Some fresh ideas. Or maybe you just want to meet people in the community, I encourage you to stop by SMCHI. We’ll be doing our public meetings only 3 more times this year. July 20th (register here), October (date TBD) and our annual Christmas party. If you’ve been craving some truly social engagement, then there is no more social crowd than SMCHI. Our gatherings are vital for not just the social media marketing and digital communities, but especially for those not in those communities. Why? Because this is how you learn just enough to go forward and bring ideas and concepts back to your business and when your ideas come to fruition, you’ll have the resources to make it happen.

If you’re on a neighbor island, you can connect with our members there. We have members on Big Island, Maui and Kauai.  On Kauai, they are meeting to participate in the live stream, together. It’s open to everyone who wants to join or is curious about using social media.  They meet. They eat. They talk. Its the greatest combination of IRL (in real life) and digital collaboration. Its truly cool. I need to get over there and go to one of their meetings too!

C’mon down and join us. We promise to be friendly and not use acronyms like “IRL” or “LOL” in real life. We’re human too. Come see for yourself.

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