Social Media Club of Hawaii is Going LIVE on 10/6!

SOCIAL MEDIA LIVE VIDEO EDUCATIONAL EVENT Join the movers and shakers of the Social Media Community in this educational event covering the latest Social Media trend of Live Video. Learn from the industry’s top leaders in Social Media’s latest Live Video tool as they share their process, strategies, and results of Live Video used in their business’ […]

Social Media Day (1)

Save the Date – It’s Social Media Day on June 30th!

The Social Media Club of Hawaii is pleased to announce their 2016 Social Media Day Pau Hana on June 30th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Honolulu Club located on 932 Ward Avenue. Co-hosted by 94.7 KUMU and Startup Hawaii, the free event is a celebration of all things social media and its use within the Hawaii business. Attendees will be able […]

The Intersection Between Copyright and Social Media: May #SMCHI Event

    Social media has changed the way we communicate by offering opportunities for every user to publish anything and everything without consideration of existing copyright laws.  With that much content being generated it raises questions about copyright, fair use and intellectual property. At the next Social Media Club Hawaii event, we dive into these […]

#SMCHI Member Talk Story Lunch: Twitter Best Practices and Peeves

Even for seasoned users, there are some nuances that Twitter communicators learn to incorporate over time. Social Media Club professional, nonprofit, and educational members are invited to an exclusive Talk Story Lunch to discuss Twitter Best Practices and Peeves: What are some best practices when tweeting in a professional capacity?  What are some poor Twitter habits […]

#SMCHI Member Talk Story Lunch: Social Media Best Practices

Best Practices. What does that really mean in the daily practice of the web? Are we doing right by our clients, our practices and industry? Social Media Club professional, nonprofit, and education members are invited to a special talk story lunch in downtown Honolulu.

Mobile Content Spans Multiple Screens

The Nielson Company’sThree Screen Report found 57% of Internet users use TV and Internet simultaneously at home–and since then the iPad and tablet computers have surged in popularity. The rise of mobile media is causing one of the most significant changes to consumer behavior since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Today’s smartphone users are […]

Social Media Guidance From the Trenches

On any given day, I post 3-4 times on 6-8 different Facebook pages, send out 50-60 tweets under 6-8 accounts, participate in an hour-long tweet chat, upload a YouYube video, publish a blog, respond to 20-30 emails all while monitoring and responding to questions or mentions for all of these accounts. That was a mouth […]

Why Would You Attend a Social Media Club Hawaii Meeting In Person?

Ever feel like you just need to vent? Or maybe talk through an idea with someone you trust, or even someone new? I know. We’ve all been there. In fact, the more time we spend in front of our computers, even being social on Twitter or Facebook or now..Google+, the more we really need it. […]

Too much information

While social media makes it easy to connect with people you know, it also makes it easier to connect with people you don’t really know — and makes it easier to unintentionally share too much damaging personal information with them. Exposed Think back to fourth grade. While the teacher’s back was towards you, were you […]