Meet the 2016 Board of Directors Team!

From the person who sends those amazing email newsletters to the person behind our Instagram, and even…the one who takes a photo of everything they eat…meet the 2016 Board of Directors Team! Trey Roy – Community Management & Email Marketing (Interim) “Combining my film and television background, MBA, and love for social media video platforms, I […]


Membership Monday – JULY

July 13th — Denise Laitinen, Owner of DLC Hawaii Media Twitter: @deniselaitinenFacebook: /denise.laitinenInstagram: @deniselaitinenLinkedIn: We’re excited to announce Denise Laitinen as our featured member for this #MembershipMonday! Did you know she has 7 cats and dogs that are all rescue pets? She has been with SMCHI for over 2 years and joined to interact […]

Membership Monday | May

  May 4th – Wilbur Wong, Social Media Club Email Marketing Coordinator Facebook: Twitter: @wilburwong Instagram: @wilburwong LinkedIn: Google+: +WilburWong Periscope: @wilburwong   Our first May #MembershipMonday goes to our Email Marketing Coordinator, Wilbur Wong. This is his first year working with Social Media Club of Hawaii, and when he’s not helping us […]

Membership Monday | April

April 6th – Membership Monday: Social Media Club Hawaii Prez, Amanda Tompkins Instagram: @smilestompkinsTwitter: @smilestompkinsFacebook: Our first Membership Monday feature goes out to our girl, Amanda Tompkins! Amanda is a Social Media Rock Star who joined Social Media Club Hawaii two years ago to gather with like-minded people and to further craft […]

2015 Social Media Club of Hawaii Board of Directors

Social Media Club of Hawaii is proud to announce their 2015 Board of Directors. Along with a new president, Amanda Tompkins, there are many new faces breathing new life into SMCHI. With the new energy we re-organized the club positions and added a Vice-President, Shelley Simpson. The focus of 2015 is on our members. We […]

Myspace: A Social Jukebox

Before Facebook, there was Myspace. Today, there is an extraordinary attempt being made to revive the purgatorial roaming social media giant of the past. Having tested the beta version of what was then called the “New Myspace,” I find it to be a big jukebox with a modern horizontal scrolling design. Why do I call […]

Social Media Campaign by Coca-Cola — #ShareaCoke

Last week, I paid a visit to Target in the Salt Lake area to go pick-up something that I saw in their weekly ad and found that there was something very interesting in the aisle near the checkout area. There were some plastic Coca-Cola (Coke) bottles stacked on a circular display that screamed out at […]

A Lookback to the May #SMCHI Event

Social media allows us to share just about anything that we see and find interesting at a rapid rate. The legal ramifications of sharing something as innocent as a picture belonging to your favorite photographer on your site or twitter feed can often be overlooked. After having attended Social Media Club Hawaii’s panel discussion, The […]

LinkedIn Groups: How, What, Where, Why for Professionals & Businesses

Heeeeeeere we come! Lots of you have been asking about when we’re meeting next and here we go. A new year. A new venue. A new Board of Directors. Lots of good things happening at SMCHI and we want to help you kick off your 2013 with some professional insight useful to everyone—not only social […]