Check Out These Improvements for 2010 at Social Media Club Hawaii

New for 2010:

  1. Meetings will be one hour to allow more time for networking before and after.
  2. Presentations will be at a more advanced level, targeting social media practitioners primarily. Everyone is welcome though so don’t let this deter you!
  3. Share time: during the meeting proper, we will have scheduled time for group conversation. We want you to share your tips, your questions, and your announcements. This is our “crowd-sourcing” component where we can all learn from each other.
  4. Eventbrite registration service will be our event management provider. Please be sure to let us know you are coming so we can help promote you and your website. We hope this will make the on-site sign in process MUCH easier too!
  5. We are expanding our volunteer positions to help the club get even more done in 2010. Please consider adding your name to the list. It’s good exposure and learning for you, and the more support we have as an all-volunteer business organization, the less there is for each of us to do. By the way, our meetings are great opportunities to showcase your knowledge, and if you are a newbie, working with us as a volunteer is a great learning opportunity. All of the things we do to promote our events are things any business can learn to use successfully to market on a near zero budget. Serving in the community also adds to your personal brand, expertise, and credibility.
  6. Additional training programs will be offered throughout the year by our members; we’ll be sharing these with you as we learn about them. And if you have one, please tell us so we can share it with our mailing list.

Some things won’t be changing – such as the warm reception every one receives at our events. The events also remain educational and non-commercial. Although we encourage each attendee to “network like crazy” you can be sure that none of the presentations are paid commercials. If you like the speakers, please do support them though. They have offered their time to us for free.

If you have a topic or case study to present, please tell us about it here.

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