Good Bye and Good Luck

photo of roxanne darling under the rainbowTo All of Our Friends, Members, and Sponsors,

I have submitted my resignation to the board of directors (and it was accepted) effective yesterday, December 20, 2012. Having founded this chapter over four years ago and having been a founding member of our parent organization, Social Media Club, I have enjoyed countless memorable experiences in developing and sharing the best practices of social media!

The goals and operations of the chapter are moving in different directions now, many of which I do not support. I wish everyone the best and continue to live by one of my favorite beliefs: perfectly reasonable people can disagree about everything.

I am both proud of my years of volunteer service and deeply grateful for all of the connections I have made via SMCHI. I look forward to continuing my relationships with you as we move forward and as I separate myself from SMCHI.

Aloha, Mahalo, and Imua!

Roxanne Darling

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