June's Membership Monday

SMCHI #MembershipMonday


June 8th, 2015
Peter Castillo: Social Media Mentalist & BEP Coordinator at Global Village Hawaii English Centre

 Instagram: @beershaka
Twitter: @beershakahi
Facebook: /GVHawaiiOhana
LinkedIn: /peterkcastillo

Peter CastilloPeter has been with SMCHI since January 2015, and joined to share best practices and help develop the best social media education events in the State of Hawaii. He says the best part about the club is Grant “@Chuggy_Bear” Shindo! Do we hear a bromance in the making? If Peter had to pick his social media platform it would be Instgram for his life outside of work and Facebook for the friends and relative ease. 

For social media advice Peter goes to Gary Vaynerchuk for everything. Peter’s favorite hashtag is #Imu2015 and his social media advice to us all is to engage! His favorite website is fastcompany.com and his favorite quote is “What’s the ROI of your mother’s face?” His motto is “Catch you later.” 

 Speaking of catching…you can catch Peter eating on a beach while fishing or drinking at Islands Burgers in Ala Moana. The last place Peter visited was Time’s Supermarket, but he would like to visit Tahiti! If he could have a superpower it’d be marine telepathy. 

 We asked him to tell us a funny story, Peter shares about how he first started on Instagram: “In early 2012, I had made a bet with one of my students who happened to frequent Cuba. I told him I could do the Honolulu Marathon in 8 hours, while topping off 3 beers and eating a Chicago dog from Hank’s. It’s worth noting, I’ve never done a marathon or ran a race of any kind before this. The bet was I’d send him a case of Hawaiian beer if I lose and he’d send me a box of cigars…There’s a bit more to the story regarding the hangover 3 hours prior, the swag I got from Kona Brewing and the other bet I made with Uncle Hank for 26 doggies, but that’s for another day…long story short I finished under 8 hours, got the cigars on Monday and couldn’t walk for a week.” We love it, Peter! Mahalo for being on SMCHI’s Board of Directors!



June 15th, 2015
Michael Elam – Maui Event’s Coordinator and Musician at Soul Music

Michael ElamTwitter: @elamm
Facebook: /michael.elam
Instagram: @Michaelelamonmaui
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-elam/a6/259/85

Michael joined SMCHI in February 2015 because he believes that his experience as a Social Media practitioner in a variety of projects, combined with his experience on a number of Boards of Directors, will allow him to contribute to SMCHI in a number of meaningful ways. The best part of SMCHI is interesting, intelligent and experienced members. Michael’s favorite social media platform is Facebook, where the majority of the people he cares about are located.  

For social media advice, Michael will go to the Maui Social Media User Group (MauiSMUG). He would love to go to Bali and his favorite color is blue. Can you guess what Michael’s favorite hobby is? Music? Yes! Michael is the leader of Maui Social Media User Group, a DJ at Maui’s Mana’o Radio, and musician in Maui band Soul Kitchen. Mahalo for all your help with SMCHI, Michael!




June 22nd, 2015
Gwen Woltz – Co-founder of Wahine Media

Twitter: @gjwahine 
Instagram: @gjwahine 
Facebook: /wahinemedia

Gwen WoltzGwen Woltz has been with SMCHI for four years, and she joined to expand her professional network, to gain more knowledge in her industry, to meet other practitioners, and to stay up to date with industry trends. She says the best part about SMCHI is knowing that there is a group of people who are equally as interested in social media as she is. 

She says, “For a while social media practitioners were far and few between and now that social media is a part of our daily lives it is nice to have camaraderie, and even a little competition in the field.” She would like the community to take advantage and more ownership of social media club. Many people don’t know that SMCHI exists to serve the community, and the community can make the club whatever they want. Being co-founder of a social media agency, Gwen lives and breathes social media on a daily basis. She built the reputation of Wahine Media on social media, gained her first client from a Twitter conversation, and made long lasting friendships and partnerships through social media. 

There are many sources to keep up to date on social media Gwen refers to. The longest living source is Social Media Examiner which features several authors.Gwen’s latest obsession is Skift, a travel and tourism trend blog that covers a lot of social media and marketing related topics. Gwen’s favorite hashtag is #latepost. To her the best piece of social media advice is well known, but is what goes through her head more often than not: If you aren’t comfortable putting what you post on the front page of a newspaper, don’t post it at all. 

One place she’s always wanted to visit is Alaska because she loves the feeling of being so small compared to massive and powerful Mother Nature. If she could have a superpower it’d be to read people’s mind. Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint, and Gwen says that she’s quite crafty and handy so often times on the weekend you’ll find her either building something that involves power tools, or crafting something that requires a lot of hot glue!

 June 29th, 2015
Tara Coomans: Chief Brainstormer of Akamai Marketing 

Instagram: @taracoomans
Twitter: @taracoomans
Facebook: /taracoomans
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taracoomans

Tara CoomansTara has been with SMCHI since 2009, and she joined because she wanted to collaborate with her peers, discuss issues and ideas in the fast-changing social media world and contribute to the professional growth of our industry locally. She also wanted to connect with professionals around the world. She says the people are what make SMCHI so great. She’d like to see SMCHI continue to evolve to meet the needs of the community & its members. Social media is my Tara’s job. Full time and then some. She says the constant changes are what make it most interesting. For social media advice Tara turns to SMCHI. Her favorite hashtags include: #hitsunami #hileg, #smchi, #smclub, anything trending or having to do with poodles: #puppystella #puppyzoe now starring mostly on IG and FB.

Her social media advice is to be you, be intentional and thoughtful. Also, to worry less about security settings, breaking viral records and just share things that add value, humor or interest to the stream and enjoy the process. Her favorite quote is, “People may not remember what you said or even what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Her motto is “Stop talking like a marketer and start talking like a human.”

The last place she visited was Petco. Oh, you mean travel? Lanai. She’d love to visit Thailand, go skiing in Japan, or Barcelona. If she had a superpower it’d be time travel. Tara’s favorite color is chartreuse and her favorite ice cream is Vanilla. Tara’s hobbies include diving, kayaking, cooking, reading, skiing, and Bikram yoga and she’d like to increase the amount of time she spends doing ANY of those things. She’d also like to learn to sail. She tells us “Remind me to tell you about the time I came nose to nose with a shark, in the dark. Seriously, it’s funny!” Professionally, Tara’s excited that she’ll be launching a series of online training classes later this year and relaunching the marketing incubator too. You can find out more at taracoomans.com. If you didn’t know, Tara has left island, but she’ll be just a Facebook message away! It’s not Goodbye, it’s A Hui Hou!! We miss you, Tara!!