Notes and Stories from Mari Smith's Workshop in Honolulu

We had a packed room for Mari’s two-hour program on Facebook and relationship marketing! It was very guerrilla style – ask questions, look at pages live online and get critiques, see the new Facebook timeline – and most importantly – get advice from Mari about how this affects each of us!

Looking back at the tweet stream, (hashtag #HiMari) there were dozens and dozens of actionable tips: enough to put on your “Facebook Page To Do List” for a good 12 months in my opinion! In fact, I am so excited about all the nuggets that flew by I am sorting through the hashtag conversation and will be posting a separate Tip Sheet in a week or so. I will update this post when that is ready for viewing.

UPDATE 2011-10-26: Member Peter Liu created a Tweetdoc with all the tweets. Available for download here.

Meanwhile, our SMCHI chapter president Tara Coomans created a “Storify” from the event. It’s embedded here for you to enjoy!

What was your favorite moment at Mari’s workshop? Do tell us!

[View the story “Mari Smith Speaks #HiMari ” on Storify]

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