SMCHI Board Positions for 2012

This has been an amazing year – we are now one of the strongest and largest active chapters in the world, with over 30 Professional members! 2011 was also the first year we installed an official Board of Directors – in keeping with our agreement with the parent organization, Social Media Club. They, by the way, manage the official nonprofit status of the organization, handle all membership payments and processing, do the accounting for our chapter, and provide us with liability insurance – just to name a few things!

Please congratulate our newly elected 2012 Board of Directors! All of our current Pro members can be seen listed in the side bar.

Each position is appended with a note about where the work must be done for that position; there are several that can be done from any island!

Coordinate all other roles; set strategic course; interface with; media spokesperson; MC quarterly events; plan quarterly Professional De sessions; supervise LinkedIn group; negotiate cooperative agreements with other associations and events; chief wrangler and cheerleader. Oahu for now.

Plan quarterly meeting topics; seek out qualified presenter; give them our meeting requirements; coordinate their slides and presentation; provide speaker details and links to the communication team; pick up leis for the meeting – for presenter and for sponsor; collect speaker bio; craft and deliver a personal introduction at the event; write a thank you note afterwards. Arrange for transportation/coordination for visiting speakers. Mostly Oahu.

Communication – Social: GWEN WOLTZ
Update Twitter & FB accounts; curate list of all member Twitter accounts and blog RSS feeds; highlight member accomplishments on FB and TW. Manage Flickr account. Any Island.

Communication – Web & Email: LAURA KINOSHITA
Post community events, thank sponsors, promote upcoming events, feature member accomplishments, create Eventbrite page and event blog posts. Any Island.

Communication – PR & Event Marketing: ALL BOARD MEMBERS
Write press releases and distribute; Post event info to SMC site and to as many other listings as possible; outreach to other associations; keep SMCHI in the news. Post SMCHI meeting info on related business sites. Update SMCHI LinkedIn group with information related to events per Any Island.

Venue Planning: JANA PIERCE
Coordinate quarterly meeting dates and set-up with venue. Ensure venue meets tech specs. Communicate with venue in advance re: anticipated number of attendees. Print name tags for attendees on day-of. Arrive in time to greet attendees. Coordinate with tech support. Coordinate with sponsorship to ensure sponsors receive appropriate recognition. Monitor #smchi tweetstream during events. Post entry to SMC parent website after the event. Must be Oahu.

Venue Technology: DEREK GABRIEL
Set up live stream; set up presenter laptop; perform sound checks; help monitor Twitter and video chat. Coordinate with events to confirm hardware needs. Must be on Oahu.

Website Support: ROXANNE DARLING
Keep software and plugins up to date; create sponsor badges and place as needed; supervise user accounts. Any Island.

Locate sponsor(s) for each qrtrly meeting and for the HSMYIR; collect payments; gather sponsor logo, urls and description for web tech; write entry on blog welcoming the sponsor; make sure sponsor receives due recognition and buzz; introduce sponsor at live meetings. Secure prizes for quarterly drawings. Write sponsorship proposals for new sponsorship opportunities. Mostly Oahu.

Outreach to potential new members; check weekly for new members until auto-notification is in place; process new members (related post with info). Invite new members to Pro LinkedIn Group. Welcome new members on social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. Request membership updates quarterly from SMC. Remind members whose membership is expiring. Keep SMCHI membership list updated on website. Keep membership Google Doc updated. Monitor SMCHI General LinkedIn Group for inquiries about membership. Print Pro Member name tags as new members are added. Assist neighbor island member visitors with transportation needs. Any Island.

Neighbor Island Reps – Maui, Big Island, Kauai: ALL MEMBERS
Be our ears and eyes locally; coordinate satellite screenings of quarterly meetings; share local events with email list manager to help in promotion. Promote social media best practices, Island Specific.

Anyone is welcome to review our BOD guidelines here.

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