SMCHI BOD Kick Off Meeting 2012

WOW. Get five energetic, creative people in a room, mix in a Google Hangout, add a little beer, some pupus and what do you get?  Insane brainstorming, problem solving and ideas. Your BOD this year is ALL in and I think its going to be an exciting year. It goes without saying that so many people have worked hard to get SMCHI to this point and we can’t thank you enough for your support. 

I wanted to give you a little run down on our meeting and the general direction of SMCHI this year.

State of the Club

  • Through growth in membership, a special event and collaborative partnerships, I’m proud to announce that our 2012 BOD voted to full reimburse those members who paid for things like live streaming, web hosting and more last year, this is the first time we have been able to fully fund our operations and its a big deal.
  • Our membership 2011 growth last year was tremendous, the largest majority coming from neighbor islands.
Looking forward:
  • We plan to continue our public meetings quarterly, with quarterly Professional Membership development calls. Our 1st event of 2012 is February 21, the topic is Creating a Social Media Policy.
  • We’re looking for ways to add more interaction to our quarterly meetings, this should be fun!
  • We continue to develop ways to benefit Professional Members and got great feedback from our Pros on what would be helpful, all feedback is being considered.
  • We started off the year with 7 BOD members, but we’re down to 6. The BOD has agreed to absorb the responsibilities of the now vacant Programs Director role.
  • Our BOD will be increasing its publishing content on the SMCHI site, but please, if you have something to share, feel free to submit it to us, particularly if you are a Professional, Small Business or Education Member.
  • We’re looking to increase the general awareness of SMCHI in the community through all avenues including other organizations whose memberships overlap with ours in someway, this includes the technology, PR and marketing communities. The BOD will be proactively seeking to build relationships in those areas.
  • We’re also actively exploring how we can bring in more mainland speakers later this year its pricey, but we’re trying to find ways to keep the costs down.
  • We’ll also be developing our sponsorship programs, so if you’re interested in supporting a highly engaged social community, please let me know . We’re very flexible and willing to create programs that suit the needs a particular organization.
What we need from our community:
  • We’d like to create a TweetUp committee to help plan more informal tweetups, some of which maybe sponsored. If you would like to volunteer, please email me. Its a great opportunity to get more involved with an awesome group of people in a fun way.
  • We still need sponsorships. You’ll see an increased amount of out reach this year regarding sponsorships because our dreams keep getting bigger. We’re especially looking for sponsors for live streaming which has been a tremendous tool of out reach for our neighbor island friends and businesses. Its a great opportunity and we have some great ideas, this will allow us to do continue live streaming WITHOUT those annoying commercials.
  • Continue to provide us feedback. Our community survey is still open and we’d still like to hear from you.


We’re looking forward to a great year! Don’t forget to follow us on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our hashtag #smchi 

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