SMCHI Elects Formal Board Members

Since starting in Hawaii in 2008, Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) has been loosely organized by a group of committed volunteers who organized events, kept the website updated and stayed current with the various social media outposts. SMCHI grew both in local awareness and in its offerings under this formula and today, SMCHI is one of the fastest growing and dynamic SMC chapters in the world!

The informal structure worked well and in keeping with the Social Media Club’s mantra of “If you get it, share it” supported both social media professionals and businesses seeking to learn about social media. Last year, however, the parent organization received official 501c6 status, making them a n IRS-approved educational nonprofit organization. Our local chapter, SMCHI, was offered the opportunity to become an official chapter operating under the parent organization.  Committed members of SMCHI felt this would offer the club several advantages. However, in addition to the perks offered by nonprofit status, SMCHI was also required to elect an official Board of Directors and conform to organizational requirements and a Code of Ethics.

On May 7th, all current paying members were invited to a planning retreat where one of the topics of discussion included nominating volunteers to official board leadership positions and the definition of those positions. Those nominations were put to a vote to all current paying members and we are proud to announce our first elected Board of Directors for 2011:

Roxanne Darling, Bare Feet Studios (honorary position)

President (2011):
Tara Coomans, Akamai Marketing

Events and Sponsorship Chair:
Tyler Stratton, Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu

Awareness Co-Chairs:
Roxanne Darling, Bare Feet Studios and Tammi Hitchcock, 3 Peas Media

Technology Chair:
Peter Liu, Kaiscapes Consulting

We congratulate all new BOD members and thank them in advance for their commitment to advancing social media best practices and helping educate the community about SMC throughout all of Hawaii.

If you are interested in getting more involved with SMCHI or perhaps running for a BOD position in 2012, please contact us for ways to get more involved with the leadership of SMCHI. We are an entirely volunteer-run organization and immensely appreciate those who can assist with events, communication and resources! Next year we hope to fill even more board positions.

7 thoughts on “SMCHI Elects Formal Board Members

  1. Congratulations fearless leaders! Can’t wait to see what you have up your collective sleeves — looking forward to @SMCHI’s big bright future. We, your community of support, believe in you, and will shore you up when you need — we’ve got your back!

  2. Congratulations all. Good to see that Roxanne retains an honorary position as chair/founder. Must be really sparking up over there in Maui. I agree with everyone that Karen’s message was lovely. I just went through my @LindaSherman and @KauaiTalk twitter followings to make sure that I was connected through with @WahineMedia and its women power.

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