Social Media Club – Getting it together

Building on the momentum of the collaborative and engaged “practitioners” meeting in August, the Social Media of Hawaii (SMCHI) is beginning to take steps to deliver us onto the next phase of our growing club.

Overwhelmingly, Hawaii’s social media practitioners expressed an interest in growing the club and attaining nonprofit status, which will allow SMCHI to focus on giving back to the business community in Hawaii. This comes by having at least 10 paying members to the parent organization, thereby awarding us “official” chapter status and all the benefits contained therein.

“Getting it” and “Sharing it” are two Social Media Club mantras. Its time to “share it.” Building a strong club that supports our Hawaii community as practitioners, social media fans and businesses takes action on part of the members.  As members need to get together to share it. Both public and members-only meetings are important – SMCHI would like to hold meetings for each group every other month. SMCHI needs volunteer members to help us keep up with our commitment to share it. For example we need members who will:

  • Develop a topic and arrange for a relevant speaker.
  • Develop meeting structure, planning and outreach.
  • Each meeting needs a location and on-site details.

Once we get into the meeting groove again, we’d like to take that energy and consider planning a larger conference for Hawaii-based businesses, but first, we need to get our systems down for monthly meetings.

    SMCHI belongs to its members. There is nothing we can’t do. Together.

    Many members have expressed an interest in participation, but few have taken action. Let’s “Get it” together so we can continue to “share it.” WE, the members, are the passionate ones. WE have the opportunity to improve the state of social media in Hawaii. WE can help one another and businesses in Hawaii.

    Consider this your personal invitation to shape the future of SMCHI.

    No matter what island you are on, please tell us how you can contribute to SMCHI.  Regardless of your interests, we can probably use your talents! From monthly meetings to e-blasts to sponsorship for the club, all of these items are important to grow the club. We know each of you have talents in one area or another. Let us know what YOU’D like to do to become more involved with the club.

    As an engaged volunteer, you can count on the team at SMCHI to actively look for ways to support you and your business in reaching its goals. There are many possibilities open to engaged members. Increasing SMCHI’s presence in Hawaii will only continue to open doors to SMCHI members and volunteers, as well as supporting our nonprofit and for profit organizations.

    What Can YOU Do?
    We are building our executive team right now. Please contact SMCHI via email, Twitter, Facebook or courier pigeon (if your really old school) and let us know how you can help SMCHI with its training and meetings.

    WE can get it. Together. Please share your time with SMCHI.

    We’re very excited about the future of SMCHI and can’t wait to hear from each of you of how you’d like to participate. No one’s talents will be wasted! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    P.S. – Don’t forget that there are several levels of membership available. Membership has its benefits, but most importantly, it helps SMCHI attain its nonprofit status so we can continue our programs, most of which are free of charge!

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