Social Media Policy Planning – Event Recap

WOW! We kicked 2012 off in style with the help of some great panelist and an awesome and engaged audience, both in person and on the live stream. We gave away the book Get Bold from Sandy Carter to @libz. I am in the process of reading this book and I highly recommend it; we’ll be doing a book review here later this month. Thank you to all who participated including our visiting guests, @autoschieber, (from Hamburg, Germany) @basilpuglisi (from Long Island, NY), both of whom where in Hawaii for PubCon Paradise.

Our panelists covered some many angles of consideration when creating a social media policy including internal culture, employee relations and the all important legal perspective. We covered considerations and decisions about social media from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the implications of their findings. We had some great conversation about ownership of social media accounts in light of last year’s PhoneDog case as well as hiring employees who already have a significant social media presence.  In the end, all the panelists agreed every company should have a social media policy that empowers the use of social media that is consistent with your internal cultural, have clear expectations, have a policy with teeth but also make the discipline progressive and consistent with a variety of factors and finally include good ‘ole common sense into your policy.

During our meeting several resources were mentioned that we promised to share with our audience and those who couldn’t make it live and in person:

US Chamber of Commerce – Social Media Policies Before the NLRB

Altres Social Media in HR Whitepaper (free) 

Policy Recommendations from Connye Harper Page 1, Page 2
Social Media Policy Examples:

Sample Social Media Policy Courtesy of ManPower

Airforce Social Media Policies

Army Social Media Handbook 

Navy Social Media Policies

Navy Social Media Posting Policies

Federal Agency Social Media Usage Guidelines

Catch the recording of this very insightful discussion

 The recording of the session in its entirety is available here.  SMCHI is currently looking for a sponsor for our live stream presence so future events can be live streamed commercial free, if you are interested, please contact us.

Again, a special “thanks” to our brilliant panelists for their fantastic insight and guidance.

Ryan K. HRyan K. Hewew, Attorney at Law @rkhewESQ

Ryan focuses his practice on assisting small businesses in Hawai with a passion for  technology and intellectual property issues. He sits on the Technology Committee Member at Hawaii State Bar Association is a graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law. Ryan also holds an MBA from Gozonga University.


David Bower, Director of Business Development, Altres David Bower, Altres

In 2010, Altres issued a white paper on the topic of creating a social media policy. As a graduate for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, David has worked for high tech companies for over 25 years. David will speak to what’s changed since that paper was issued and how he is seeing employers create policies that work for them.


Sylvia Dahlby, Rainmaker, Smart Search @SylvieDahlSylvia Dahlby

Sylvia is a technology early adopter, having worked in the technology and recruiting industries since 1978, she’s seen it all. Since the advent of social media, she’s seen lots of businesses use social media for recruiting and communication. She’s the organizer of Social Media in HR Bootcamp, a member of Society of Human Resources Management-Hawaii and a PRO member of SMCHI. Sylvia joined us via Skype from the “Big Island”, Hawaii.


Connye Harper, Consultant, Mediator, Investigator at Harper Strategies, LLC @harperstrategyConnye Harper

With over 35 years experience in labor and employment law Connye has helped many different businesses implement policies, practices and programs which comply with federal and state laws and regulations. She is on the Board of Directors of Society of Human Resource Management-Hawaii and a PRO member of SMCHI. Since 1976, she has been a member of good standing with the State Bar of Michigan.

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