Using and tracking hashtags in Hawaii's Twitter stream

If you use hashtags on your personal or professional Twitter account, then you know their power. Hashtags make searching topics on Twitter easier and allow others to more easily catch up on a particular topic’s conversation. Sometimes #hashtags add humor or context to a Twitter conversation. #Hashtags are used for kinds of topics and conversations from traffic updates to restaurants to the sharing of info on a like minded topic like social media  (#smchi) or a particular event like #HIGeek or #HiTsunami which was particularly helpful as cell phone lines jammed, but social media outposts remained.

From a marketing perspective, savvy Hawaii businesses and nonprofits can create their own #hashtags as well, giving life to viral campaigns and making tracking the campaigns and mentions easier. But one of the disadvantages of using a Twitter search to look for a hashtag is that it doesn’t really give you a view of what’s happening in a specific area.

That’s why the development of  HiTopics is so exciting. Born from a brainstorming meeting between Professional SMCHI member Rob Bertholf along with John Garcia, Doc Rock and John LeBlanc during #HIGeek last weekend, the website is a mashup of Hawaii’s trending topics and images.

Hawaii businesses monitoring #hashtags can add to conversations that are trending (no promotional tweets, please) and ride the #hashtag wave or they can start their own #hashtags in conjunction with campaigns and monitor how the word spreads. Ahhh…the depth of the simple #hashtag.

But our local brainiac geeks developers  didn’t stop there, what makes unique from other trending topic sites, is that businesses will soon be able to claim a hashtag and brand the subdomain to their business, event or topic, giving Hawaii businesses another reason to jump on the hashtag bandwagon!

Many Mahalos to Hawaii’s creative social media techies who are always coming up with solutions to our unique Hawaii needs!

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