Building a social media strategy – session handouts

Aloha Social Media aficionados!

We’re so excited for our Nov. 9th meeting at KA restaurant. The format for this session is going to be a little different, we’ll be putting our collective energies together to create a social media strategy. You’ll have the chance to work together, moderated by some of Hawaii’s most experienced social media experts.

We have some handouts available for the meeting tomorrow, available for your download. Please bring them with you as you see fit. We think they will energize the brainstorming and provide you with some resources to boot!

See you there!

Tara Coomans

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy – Modified from Jay Baer

ABC’s of Facebook Groups vs. Pages

Who Participates Online (using Forrester Categories)

Art of Listening (infographic)

Age Distribution for Social Sites

UPDATES:Here’s the interactive link to Forrester’s Demographic analysis of online users that I mentioned last night at the SMCHI meeting. (click here) (Thanks to everyone who came! It was great to see such great energy!)

Download the slides PDF here.

Plus Roxanne Darling wrote a review of the SMCHI event over on Bare Feet Blog with many more links.

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