In Case You Missed Our Last Meeting…

Here is some of the feedback posted to Twitter. The energy, the collaboration, the networking and problem-solving, and of course the learning were all terrific. You really should consider attending our next meeting: Tuesday, July 13th! Just like on Twitter, it is in reverse chronological order. Check this out to see all the feedback that was tagged for our event.

@RyanAdverderada: @roxannedarling no thx for needed. Your team has taught me so much in just two meetings. @smchi can count on me to help spread the word!

@islevampir: @rob enjoyed chatting with you at #smchi tonight. Thanks for the ideas! The site I got my calling cards from is

@islevampir: @roxannedarling thanks again for the warm welcome tonight my first #smchi felt both fun & productive.

@judico: Hey @tdcinhawaii @smchi @rob @RoxanneDarling @angieb1019 I hear @freshcafehi is getting bike racks soon. Yay! #smchi was fun too

@RyanAdverderada: Big thanks to @rob @roxannedarling @tdcinhawaii and @smchi for another great meeting. Learned a lot and eager to put it in use! #smchi #sm

@hawaiitwentyten: @smchi Tip: @GeoLorean shows friends’ check-ins from Gowalla, Brightkite and foursquare in one stream #smchi #iphone #app

@rob: Great turnout @FreshCafeHI – join us for the Social Media Meetup #SMCHI

@5pyke: @smchi bummer i couldn’t make it. when’s the next meeting?

@coconutwireless: Tara, Rob and Roxanne talk location based social media #smchi

@hawaiitwentyten: good morning Germany, good evening Hawaii! Meeting of Social Media Club of Hawaii is about to start right now #smchi

@CommHive: RT @smchi: Join us @smchi tonight – location-based social checkins!” @freshcafehi

@Viil @smchi discusses location-based social checkins tonight looks like I might miss it, but should be interesting

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