Kauai Tweetup: Saturday 5 Feb 2011

Linda Sherman is organizing a tweetup to get together the social media practitioners and the “social media curious.”

Please read all about it here.

While we are on the subject of social media and the Hawaiian Islands, your state chapter of Social Media Club would like EVERYONE reading this to Join our email list so we know what island is your home. We aim to provide more localized support in 2011 but first we want to build our island-specific list segments.

Follow the conversation with this hashtag: #KauaiTweetUp.

Also follow these Twitter accounts for Kauai:

Will someone who attends please email us a short summary that we can post the the SMCHI blog? We are counting on you Kauai.

4 thoughts on “Kauai Tweetup: Saturday 5 Feb 2011

  1. Mahalo nui Roxanne! I posted an update on the event page: http://ourbestofkauai.com/events/kauai-tweetup-at-22-degrees-north-sat-feb-5-noon/
    I can send over our group photo separately if that might be useful.

    We realize that Social Media Club meetings are designed to be educational sessions with proper notes taken. #KauaiTweetUp is a more casual get-together of people on Kauai who use social media tools for business, with the opportunity to build relationships and enjoy discussion. We are not oriented to producing a meeting report.

    Mahalo again for your support. Social Media is good for Hawaii and every type of social media gathering is an energizer encouraging us all to be more active. Neighbor island twitterites are invited to join us for future #KauaiTweetUp’s if you find yourself on Kauai then. Our location for March is once again very convenient to our airport.

  2. Linda – thanks so much for the update! And yes, while most of our meetings are educational, there is plenty of room for informal tweetups too! In fact we may be planning one on the beach in April or May. :-)

    Glad you folks are getting together and we invite you to join our live stream by gathering at a local place and chatting with us via the discussion room and Twitter (#SMCHI). We are happy to help maintain a mailing list too. People can join ours and flag themselves as belonging to Kauai.

    Aloha! Rox

    1. After some quite thorough research on our island, we have concluded that we have a very limited number of social media professionals here on Kauai, and at that we already saturate the needs of our local market. Each of us has signed up for your mailing list but we’ll make sure to give a heads up to any newcomers we find to join SMCHI.

      We can participate through the live stream on Feb 15 in some capacity. I am looking at the event pages http://smchawaii.org/2011/02/08/feb-15-why-build-a-custom-facebook-page/ and http://smchi110215.eventbrite.com/?ref=ebtn
      but I’m not seeing instructions for your live stream. Can you please provide that here?
      I like the information you are collecting for the attendees on eventbrite –
      What do you think about how adding what island they are on and if they are participating by live stream?

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