SMCHI May 2011 Recap: Q & A with Phyllis Khare and Peter Liu

We’re a little late on our review from May’s Social Media Club Meeting and we hope you’ll forgive our tardiness. We want to keep you updated, but sometimes our imperfections get in the way. This month’s imperfections? Tardiness. Last month, well, it was technical difficulties.

May’s SMCHI meeting featured two guest speakers, who joined us via Skype for an open-ended Q & A session. Even the best Social Media plans have hiccups and need a little improvising. The SMCHI Q&A live stream event is case in point. Before the meeting started a few of us arrived at the Stage meeting room early (oh, so conveniently located next to Amuse Wine Bar) to set up the computers and equipment & make sure everything ran smoothly. Okay, I’ll admit it… we were only temporarily sidetracked from technical duties while selecting “social” wines (and coining the phrase putting “INC.” into “Drink”) but then it was back to work!

The impromptu “tech team,” Tara Coomans, Shiloh Swanson and Roxanne Darling connected then tested a MacBook, video camera, microphones, Skype, UStream, and the venue sound system. All systems were go during the test phase, but once the meeting started we couldn’t hear our Skype guests and they couldn’t hear us! After a few minutes of awkwardness Tara figured out that holding the plug into the Mac jack just at the right spot everything would work. The only problem… well, Tara had to stand and hold that plug the whole meeting! (Just thankful there was a solution!) After a few awkward giggles and much patience from our guests and a solution, quit literally “in hand”, the meeting continued.

Our first guest, Phyllis Khare (@phylliskhare), is a co-author with Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield) and Andrea Vhal (@andreavahl) of the new book, Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies. Generously joining us via Skype from Iowa (which means it was about 11 PM her time when the meeting started in Hawaii). Phyllis fielded some great questions from our audience including Facebook for business and strategies for identifying your customers expectations for Facebook. She also recommended Mari Smith’s Facebook page as an excellent resource for Facebook apps. Phyllis also recommended embedding videos into Facebook so visitors can watch them immediately ( <> )

Our second guest, Peter Liu (@peterliu47) of Kaiscapes Consulting joined us on the hot seat from Maui. Peter is a technologist, an Internet/computer industry veteran, and founder of Peter consults with businesses on bringing computer and Internet technologies into workflows and strategies. Peter fielded questions on best practices including cross posting and dealing with the challenges that can occur in social media campaigns. Peter is also an advocate for corporate blogging, so he also addressed how using a blog can establish credibility and relationships with your customers.


The energy in the room was fantastic, attendees were eating up the pau hana treats available from Amuse and having a great time asking all kinds of questions to our guests. Some lively discourse that followed only served to highlight that social media is a growing field and that in many cases, there can be many “right” answers. Questions came in from the live stream and from Twitter, enabling members from all the islands to participate.  Much to our excitement, a group of about 10 people, organized by professional member Chuck Lasker got together on Kauai to participate in the live stream and have a social media discussion as well.

So in the end, even with the little technical glitches, the SMCHI team felt it was a success.

Many Mahalos to Phyllis Khare and Peter Liu for joining us online and fielding questions and thanks Tara for coercing the plug and developing claw hand from holding the audio connection for over  an hour! (We have her cramped claw hand captured in a photo to prove it!)

If you missed the live stream, or if you’d like to watch it again, you can find the recording  on the SMCHI UStream page.

Event photos by @jtfreezeframe at the SMCHI Flicker page.


This post was a collaboration of SMCHI Professional Members: Tammi Hitchcock and Tara Coomans

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