How To Add Facebook Comments To Your Self-hosted WordPress Site In 3 Easy Steps

I just added the ability to post Facebook comments on blog posts. (See below!) Here’s the step-by-step on how to do it.

Caveat: Facebook, as we all know, changes very rapidly and often without warning. As of this writing, this works fine, but no guarantees the next time they change something.

Step 1: Create an Application on Facebook for Your Site

You’ll need a Facebook Application ID and Secret codes to make this work. Go to

Create a new Facebook ApplicationEnter a name for your app. It can be anything, but I like to use the URL of the site so I remember which app goes with which site. Press the “Create App” button and you will be prompted for a CAPTCHA code to prove you’re human, then you’ll be presented with this:

Facebook App Settings

You don’t need to fill in anything further unless you want to. Simply press the “Save Changes” button. You will then see this:

Facebook App Info

Step 2: Install the Facebook Comments for WordPress Plugin

Go into the Plugins section of your WordPress site and click on the “Add New” link. Search for the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin by we8u. Install and activate the plugin.

Step 3: Configure the Facebook Comments for WordPress Plugin

The Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin has a lot of options. Here are the minimal ones I’ve found necessary to set:

Facebook Comments plugin Basic Settings

In Basic Settings, enter the Application ID and Secret codes from the app you created on Facebook in Step 1. Click the “Include Facebook comments on blog” option.

Facebook Comments box settings

Set the number of posts and the width of your Facebook Comments box.

Facebook Comments Language and Advanced Settings

Set your language, then under Advanced Settings, check the box that says “Include Facebook JavaScript SDK” unless you’ve already installed the SDK elsewhere.

That’s it! You’re done! Now people can post comments about your blog on their walls.

Issues: As of this writing, I’ve experienced a few issues with this plugin. The biggest issue I face right now is it doesn’t seem to work with Thesis from DIYThemes. The Like box shows up, but the comments box doesn’t. If anyone has found a workaround for this, please post a comment below. I would be in your debt. Thanks in advance.

Originally posted at Kaiscapes by Peter Liu

5 thoughts on “How To Add Facebook Comments To Your Self-hosted WordPress Site In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Peter,

    I’m using the WordPress comment form at the bottom of the comment thread to leave this comment. But the Facebook comment form is at the top.

    Seems like this would be confusing to people.

    Is there a way to have them both at the bottom with an explanation, eg, “add your comment here via your Facebook account or use the WordPress comment form below.”

  2. @Griff – I see what you mean. Having the choice does it make it more confusing potentially for some people. We could add this commment to the WordPress template, but it would lie below the Facebook area and might be missed, Otherwise authors could add it to the end of every article.

    I am hoping this is one of those things where you “learn once” and then remember. So many things online fall into that category! Thanks for commenting.

  3. you can edit the file Single.php, and just get the comments source code from facebook developers, it will work better for you, without a plugin. You can see what I am talking about:
    sorry if links are not allowed

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