Membership Monday – August

SMCHI Membership Monday


August 3rd – Kevin Zuber, BSA/AML Analyst at American Savings Bank

Kevin Zuber

Twitter: @KevinRZuber
Instagram: @KevinRZuber
LinkedIn: /kevinzuber

Happy August! We’d like to introduce you to our SMCHI Treasurer, Kevin Zuber, or better known as “Zubs” for #MembershipMonday. Kevin has been a member of SMCHI for one year. He believes there are amazing people on the board of directors that put together great events, and also shares that there are equally amazing people you’ll meet within the community through SMCHI. He believes the best part about SMCHI is that it’s always evolving.

Zubs favorite social media platform is Twitter — from customer service, to live tweeting events, to memes, it’s got everything in 140 characters or less. For his favorite piece of social media advice he says, “Does the quote from President Lincoln about everything on the internet being true count? If not – What happens on the interwebs, stays on the interwebs and even if you delete it, the damage has already been done.” His favorite motto is “You have to grow old, but you never have to grow up.” Great motto, Kevin!

The last place he visited was literally his office, but the last state he went to was Michigan to visit his family. He’d like to travel everywhere because he loves to travel. Did you know that last year he flew over 60,000 miles?! Mahalo Kevin for being on the board of directors and sharing your social media knowledge with us!


August 10th — Shiloh Swanson

Shiloh Swanson Facebook: /shiloh.swanson
Instagram: @shilohswanson
LinkedIn: /shilohswanson

Happy #MembershipMonday! We’d like to introduce Shiloh Swanson, our SMCHI tech guru, who’s been with us for 4 awesome years! He joined SMCHI to help us become a non-profit and to learn, grow and share relationships. Shiloh says the people he’s met through “social media” are amazing. He’s made life long relationships that have furthered him not just professionally but as a person. He says, “SMCHI has helped me grow in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to on my own.”

For social media advice he turns to respected friends and professionals. He also checks blogs, discussions, and viewing things that could be improved/are really done wrong which helps him see what NOT to do. Shiloh’s favorite social media platform to write and engage is Twitter (although he spends more time on Facebook). He says Twitter is “quick, short and to the point.” We also LOVE Twitter for its conciseness.

Shiloh’s best piece of social media advice is “Go to the beach, go for a hike. Don’t worry about social media.” We can’t help but worry about social media, Shiloh! What if another dress looks black and blue or white and gold? We asked Shiloh what his favorite quote was and he recently tweeted, “Too many quotes and words of inspiration will pollute your mind.”

Shiloh can’t tell us any funny stories about himself because it’s #NSFW (not safe for work), so catch him at our #PauHanas and get him to tell you all his best-kept stories. Thank you for all your hard tech work, Shiloh! We’re so glad you’re a part of our SMCHI team.


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