Membership Monday: Meet SMCHI Pro, Aaron Landry

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Aaron Landry - photo by Dallas Nagata White PhotographyI work with people to connect with others. I’ve worked most of my life in agencies, but have started a number of startups relating to online media, politics, energy and food and beverage. Today I am the Director of Market Engagement for Olomana Loomis ISC where I work with nonprofits, political campaigns, retail, government, and education clients on solving big problems and helping them capitalize on big opportunities.

How are you currently using social media in your job?

I work with numerous clients directly on social media strategy and implementation, including content generation and monitoring. For a few select clients, I still do some day to day management of social presences.

What’s one social media tool or platform you couldn’t live without?

Twitter. It’s still the only one that pulls off real-time coverage and discussion very well. If Facebook was replaced by Tumblr or if Pinterest replaced Instagram I wouldn’t really care that much. I also do not allow myself to become dependent on any particular third party social media tool as they come and go and their effectiveness and level of compatibility change. Don’t get me started on Hootsuite.

Name a mistake businesses make with social media.

Not adapting to new platforms and not being able to let go of ineffective ones… or they let go of ones that are effective. Three examples: Google+ has been great for a long time but people are just starting to see why. Instagram stopped working well with engaging people on Twitter back in November 2012. Email is still the biggest social network and people forget that.

Where do you see social media headed in Hawai‘i?

In a B2B sense, it will continue to become more integrated with other B2B services. People no longer need “social media experts” to get their Facebook working, people need strategies to engage with their audiences. As well, content generation will be a serious emerging field related to social media.

What exciting initiatives are you working on and can share with us?

I’m leading the online communications for Abercrombie for Governor, including all of the social media presences and internal online coordination. This includes working with and training various volunteers with different groups and neighbor islands so they can manage their own presences with the campaign in a way where everyone is mutually supportive of each other without it being a “top down” communications strategy. I’m also setting up all of the strategies and guidelines which will be handed off to a full-time digital communications person with the campaign when it ramps up more in 2014.

What emerging social media networks or tools are you monitoring most closely?

Even though it’s no longer “emerging,” I’m still fascinated by Snapchat. I seriously love where it’s going. Newsle is the only service that emails me repeatedly in a way I do not mind. I monitor the chat ones closely: Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, iMessage, etc. I wish all my friends used the Facebook Messenger app.

What do you do offline to help you stay current and connected online?

I attend events, and frequently take people out for lunch or drinks. Social media is two parts: You have to be good with media and you have to be good socially.

Aaron LandryWhat made you join Social Media Club Hawai‘i?

I was attending a number of the events anyway, so I wanted to support it.

Are you a SMCHI Pro interested to be profiled in a future edition of Membership Monday? Contact Jen Barrett to learn more.