Membership Monday: Meet SMCHI Pro, Jill Mayo

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Jill Mayo 03

I am an independent Social Media Manager on Maui who’s passionate about sharing and connecting people with brands. Working behind the scenes, I serve as the voice for brands and provide a consistent presence on various social media channels. Recently, I’ve also been consulting with several business on using social media and associated tools.

How are you currently using social media in your job?

Social Media is my full-time business. I use social media to help create brand awareness and engage others on a daily basis.

Describe a challenge you faced in your use of social media and how you overcame it.

Relying on third party applications for your content can be challenging at times. You can fall in love with a feature and then it suddenly disappears. Lesson learned: don’t get too attached and expect that things will change.

What’s one social media tool or platform you couldn’t live without?

Instagram! People are very visual and the world is an amazing place to capture moments in time to share with others. It’s nice that Instagram has remained simple to use.

Name a mistake businesses make with social media.

Not being on Instagram. Instagram has a large audience and content on Instagram translates very well to both Twitter and Facebook.

Can you name a local example of a successful use of social media?

Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine is a great example of successfully using social media.

Where do you see social media headed in Hawai‘i?

It’s hard to say where social media is headed anywhere. Things change very fast in social media. It’s like fashion, one day it’s in and the next day it’s out. I do see social media growing and more people using it for business and pleasure.

What emerging social media networks or tools are you monitoring most closely?

Shoutlet is one tool I watch very closely. I love how they provide some of the best free webinars on social media management.

What do you do offline to help you stay current and connected online?

I like to attend local events and meet people in the community.

Jill Mayo 01

What made you join Social Media Club Hawai‘i?

I joined Social Media Club Hawai‘i because I feel it’s important to keep learning. Since social media changes so fast, it’s almost impossible to know everything and I’ve found that there are many people willing to share awesome information in this community.

Are you a SMCHI Pro interested to be profiled in a future edition of Membership Monday? Contact Jen Barrett to learn more.